Thanks to Vee for this recipe. So indulgent, you'll be amazed to find it's not sending your blood sugar straight through the roof. The perfect dessert.

per pop-
fat 0.4g
protein 2g
carbs 8.5g
cholesterol 2mg
energy 205kj (50cal)
GI 46 low

45og (15oz) fresh or canned mango flesh, roughly chopped
200g ( 6.5 oz) no-fat, no added sugar vanilla yoghurt
1 tablespoon shredded coconut

Put the mango, yoghurt and coconut into a bowl and mix to combine. Divide the mixture into ice block moulds. Add the stick and freeze.

Tip: substitute mango for another fruit. If you're like Max and Vee, you might also want to add a little extra coconut. Doable in a variety of sizes.

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