Short version: scan results (fine), sleep problems (his), booty-shakin' (on hold), too much information (ew).

I'm not actually sure what else to say about the scan results, since I'm still trying to minimise the amount of time I spend obsessing over numbers, especially those that fall well within the normal range. Everything looks fine. Our boy has a nose. I mean, he had a nose before, but I had this sudden moment when she showed us the nostrils and I thought, "Wow. A nose. Our baby has a nose. With nostrils." It made me a little teary.

He also has "very prominent" genitalia, according to the ultrasonographer, which is funny because there's nothing quite like seeing your husband try to look puffed up, modest and awkward all at the same time. I bet she says that to all the Dads. I wonder how many of them are actually genetically related. I wonder how it makes the others feel.

SOB also started discussing the withdrawal of clexane, but after I explained how much pleasure it gives me to stab myself with a blunted needle and inject an irritant solution under my skin on a daily basis, he agreed to support my habit for a couple more months. He has also agreed to doppler the shit out of all the relevant blood vessels before making me go cold turkey. So that's nice.

On the way home I sat on the same bench where that Indian guy came and spoke to me back in April. It made me all teary again.

I think I might have to buy one of those pregnancy pillows. The problem began with the fact that, from the week of EPU, I started feeling the heat more due to that wonderful progesterone we all know and love, and the effect is only getting worse over time. For a while now I have been waking in the morning to find a tracksuit-clad Mr Bea huddled into the lee of my body, breathing gently into his cupped hands to stave off the frostbite. Earlier in the pregnancy, he tried waiting til I was asleep to open the windows and turn the aircon off, or at least take it up a few degrees, but this invariably resulted in my waking violently from some kind of fire-related nightmare, which was unpleasant for us all.

Lately, the problem has been compounded by blanket-stealing. I don't mean to do it - it happens whilst I'm asleep - but I keep getting hold of the blanket to scrunch it around my bust and belly in a cushion-like way. This leaves the tracksuit-clad Mr Bea huddling blanketless in the lee of my body, breathing vigorously into his cupped hands, shivering, and cursing my name. I think a pregnancy pillow might help. And perhaps a zero-degree sleeping bag.

One day a couple of weeks ago I felt some round ligament pain, which lasted about twenty-four hours. Since then, I've had a distinctly "heavy" feeling in my pelvis. I wouldn't call it uncomfortable, exactly, although I have an inkling of how it may become so. At the moment, the problem is limited to two spheres: sex and dancing. In terms of the former, I must* report that the more conventional positions are becoming unpleasant, so for the duration of the pregnancy we will be having unconventional sex.

Aaaaaaand when you've finished trying to rid yourself of those mental pictures, maybe you can supply me with a few new dance moves. A couple of times, such as when listening to those bands Mel told us about the other day, I've found I can't swivel like I did last summer. What does one do on the dance floor when one can't swing one's hips? I urgently need to know.

*Because I take my journalistic duties seriously.

P.S. The ultrasound gallery is up. Please email me if you want an invite/URL of the site.


Geohde said...

I consider myself fully updated ;)



Rachel Inbar said...

Major congrats on a good scan! I'd love to see your pics :-)

Ohad and I have started using separate blankets (actually, he has 2 blankets, including a new silk one my mom just bought us in China and I have a thin summer blanket that I barely use). He's usually the warm one, but recently it's me who's been opening the window and turning on the ceiling fan...

If you get really uncomfortable in terms of the round ligaments, there are orthopedic devices that really help. (Mine is still tucked away in the closet and will hopefully stay there. I guess each pregnancy really is different.)

Vee said...

I am so glad the Indian man was right. Glad the news is all good and what a cute profile he has :)

The pregancy pillow sounds like a good idea. I know some people swear by them and others that just end up flinging them on the floor... worth a try anyway.
I can't help with swiveling I am afraid, but have fun trying to find your moves.

Sunny said...

You had me laughing thinking of your husband sleeping in a track suit in order to stay warm. HA!

Rachel Inbar said...

OMG, are you really THAT young?!?

You look amazing!

Caro said...

Thanks for the update - it's all sounding very familiar. I'd love to see the pictures.

A said...

Congrats on the wonderful scan! Hooray!

I'd love to give you some advice on dancing, but alas, I have no rhythm. :-)

I'd love info for your gallery. I'm totally addicted to u/s pics!!!

Ellen K. said...

LOL at the "prominent genitalia" and Mr Bea's reaction. Glad the scan went well.

A said...

TY & Beautiful!!!!

The Town Criers said...

It's slow dancing for the next few months, I'm afraid. Learn from my mistake when I tried to dance the hora at 7 months. It doesn't

Cannot say enough good things about the full body pillow. The snoogle. It is love. Stuffed love.

Stephanie said...

Let me know if you find any new dance moves. My girlfriend is coming to town in FEB with her sisters (I will be 8 months along) and I am hosting her pre- wedding girls weekend which will no doubt include dancing until the wee hours. Can you imagine me out there dancing at 8 months pregnant with a bunch of skinny girls in their 20s. Oh the humilation!

Beagle said...

Great news on the scan . . . and have fun with all those new moves!

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Our scan showed some "very prominent" genitalia, too and although my husband isn't genetically related to the baby he also gets all puffed up whenever someone sees the scan and makes a comment about it!

Jess said...

Cutie PIE there, Bea! Love the profile!!

I'm so glad that things went well on the scan. Still praying for and thinking of you!

I'd reccomend a pregnancy pillow. I had a Snoogle and loooved it. And seperate blankets might be nice, too.

Good luck!!

Samantha said...

Glad you didn't leave out any details :)

I hope you and Mr. Bea can find some comfortable way to maintain each of your body temperatures.

GLouise said...

Congrats on a good scan!!

Should we be sending Mr. Bea some warm fleecy blankets for christmas? :-)

Karaoke Diva said...

Yay for baby's nostrils and prominent genitalia! ;-) I can't wait to go see him! (on the u/s. I'm not hopping a plane in ~5 months.)

I would definitely second the motion to get a body pillow. It doesn't have to be a "pregnancy pillow" per se, but just a long pillow to rest the bosoms and belly on.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on a good scan Bea! I would love to have access to your site. I have a pregnancy pillow and love it.

Mel said...

Great news. I'd love to see pics. I've emailed you.
I am so happy for you both

Anonymous said...

You crack me up. I do hope Mr. Bea thaws.

serenity said...

Thrilled about the good scan - will head over to the gallery shortly!

(And I wonder why my bloglines didn't update this yesterday??? Hrm.)

Can't offer you much assvice in the way of unconventional positions, since we haven't tried... umm... for a long time (that's actually my blog post today). Nor the dance moves, come to think of it.

But I DO love my snoogle. Once you adjust to sleeping with it, it's a literal sleep saver. It's great.

steph said...

Poor Mr. Bea... Gives you some good Christmas gift ideas! Sweaters, sweatpants, his own blankie... (0:
Glad things continue to go well for you~

Aurelia said...

I'm glad your scan went well. Take care.

millie said...

Yay for a great scan. Nice that Mr Bea has so very much of which to be proud.

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