Haloumi is the best cheese ever. You can grill or pan-fry and eat it on its own, dress it, put it on a cracker as a snack, or dice it up for a kebab.

  • Dressed Haloumi
    Grill, griddle or pan-fry a slice of haloumi cheese.
    Squeeze over some lemon and sprinkle on some thyme.
    Eat on its own or place on wholemeal cracker or slice of bread.
    Add a slice of tomato if desired.

  • Haloumi Kebab
    Place diced haloumi on a skewer.
    Add cubes of wholemeal bread, roasted pepper/capsicum, courgette/zucchini and/or button mushrooms.
    Grill or fry.
    Dress with a squeeze of lemon and some basil or thyme for added flavour.

    Tip: make lots of kebabs at once and store ready for quick cooking and eating.

  • Haloumi Salad
    Toss salad leaves with cherry tomatos.
    Add pieces of cooked, rindless bacon and/or chopped nuts (eg pine nuts) as desired.
    Grill or fry some diced haloumi and add to the salad.
    Wrap the whole thing in wholemeal flatbread, or just eat from the plate.

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