A small wrap is a snack, a couple at once is a meal. When you make something wrappable for dinner, make a little extra, and store the leftovers. I like to eat them by lunchtime the next day for reasons of food hygiene. Be sure to use wholemeal wrapping bread.

  • Stir-fry wrap
    Your favourite stir-fry can just be wrapped and eaten.

  • Casserole wrap
    Casseroles, like these two, go well with salad.
    Add salad leaves, tomato, carrot and/or other salad vegetables as desired.
    Lamb casseroles are especially delicious with salad leaves and fetta cheese.

  • Curry wrap
    These go well with salad leaves.
    The world is your oyster! Go Thai one night, Indian the next, Japanese or Malaysian after that.
    You can easily cheat with sauces from the supermarket.

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