Snacking For Two is a collection of snack ideas for those with blood sugar issues who are pregnant or trying. Whether you've been diagnosed with gestational diabetes or insulin-resistance from PCOS, or are just having trouble controlling your appetite under the influence of too many hormones, hopefully you'll find something here.

These snack suggestions come from amateur eaters, not professional healthcare providers. They do not take the place of expert advice from a doctor or nutritionist, so you'll need to make sure the recipes fit within the guidelines suggested for you. It may be a simple matter of adjusting the ingredients to suit your needs, but you may have to skip a recipe entirely. Hopefully you'll find something you can use - at least for inspiration.

**Some recipe contributors have expressed interest in feedback. If you try an idea, let us know how it went by leaving a comment on the post. If you made any changes, please give details for the benefit of others.**


steph said...

Look at you chefboyrdee!! Not exaaaaactly what I was expecting to find on the blog, but ok.

Beagle said...

Never tried this out, but it may fit the theme:,,FOOD_9936_37036,00.html

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