I read a rather sweet post earlier today, by Bumble, in which she nominated me for something called the thinking blogger award. Here it is:

Now, I know it's not quite kosher to nominate the person who nominated you, but Bumble really did get me thinking, and what I thought was this: "Fuck, wait, is it Thursday again already?"

I don't know where the last week has gone. What have I done? I know I've cleaned. I've done more housework in the last week than the rest of the year combined. And I know I've slept. I've been so very, very tired. The last few nights I've lain on the couch dabbing my forehead with moisture, in a sort of aristocratic Victorian style, as my hormones crash with such force and din that it causes my head to pound and ache with the reverberation.

I know I've bled.

I know I've waited. For the tears I thought would flood me, which must be yet to come. I suppose all will happen in its own good time.

But what I haven't done is this week's good deed. Instead, I've spent the last hour wondering if I've done enough this week to call it even. I have, for instance, started back at the RDA after an absence of several weeks. I have been friendly to people, even those who made well-meaning but slightly-less-than-perfect comments in relation to the... you know... events. I continue to remember my reusable shopping bags, and I'm getting better at turning off appliances at the wall, or when not in use. I have gone back and clicked on this site! I did not shove a "Mother - World's Toughest Job" button up that guy's arse when he offered it to me quite innocently! Some of these things were hard, people!

I'm not sure it's enough. But opening my bills has presented an opportunity I can get to when I run all those post-office errands tomorrow. The utilities company has sent a begging letter from The Society For The Physically Disabled. I think I'll drop a little something in their tin.

And to prove my talent at thinking, I've calculated the odds of getting a releasable amount from google adsense (for donation to charity) by deed number fifty. Thanks to you, it's doable. But it's going to run pretty close. So to try and help things along, I'm going to make the Thursday Report Card a sponsored event. And today's sponsor (who will appear within forty-eight hours) is:

(Bugger, didn't work... hang on.)


Piccinigirl said...

I personally think you have done more than enough this week and last week and next week. You're one amazing and strong lady.

Vee said...

For someone that hasn't tried, I think you have done a fantastic job.

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

It sounds like you have had a very productive week to me!

Lut C. said...

A week like this and still you insist on doing a good deed, no, a host of good deeds.

I hope your body feels more in balance the coming week, I suppose your mind will need some more time.

Sarah said...

i did something really nice yesterday, and i'm more than happy to put my good deed in your pile this week :)

The Town Criers said...

I'm waiting with bated breath to find out the sponsor.

I think you've done more than enough. Waaaay more than enough. And I think you've been through waaaay more than enough.

Can I suggest one for next week? You should organize (in other words, motivate) a letter writing campaign where everyone writes a letter to a store or a company complimenting the work of another person. It does make a difference and we never take the time to thank an employee who has made our day better. I would write a letter to my local food store about the man who brings in the shopping carts. He is the only reason I shop there. If he ever was laid off, I'd stop going to their store because...well...to be honest...it sucks. But Steve makes giving money to the store worth it.

My Reality said...

I was going to nominate you for the thinking blogger until I saw Bumble beat me to it. I was going to nominate you because of all of you good deeds. We could all stand to learn from you.

Thinking of you during this awful time. I hope you are feeling relatively ok.

Bumble said...

As always, you do me proud Bea! Well done, I'm going to start strapping those re-useable bags to my head so I damn well remember them. Every time I have to take a plastic one, the guilt kills me. And so it should right.

Patience said...

Bea- I truly do admire you my love. I'm sorry I haven't been around that much lately, but know that I'm thinking of you and sending you much love. You are a remarkable woman x

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