It seems every time I think of someone for my "Thinking Blogger" list I turn around and they've been nominated elsewhere. Which isn't to say they don't deserve to be nominated again, but I know there's more thoughtful folk out there than that, and I just want to, you know, share the love. Or the intellectualism, as it were.

I also notice I've been mentioned by a couple more people, to whom I say thankyou, but with a touch of sadness as it's clear you think way too much of me and therefore I can never, ever, ever meet you in real life.


Sunny Jenny had a post recently which made me think, although I wasn't quite feeling chipper enough to come up with any suitably punchy replies. Others have, though, and perhaps a few more can go around there and nut out a suggestion or two for The Comeback.

Beagle has been making me think lately as she transitions from ART to domestic adoption. Nica at Sandwich Life often does that, too.

Jenny always seems to be thinking of things, like partially password-protected blogs, and the sensitive subjects site, although to be fair, Rachel should get similar credit for Fertility Musings, Questions and Answers and its sister site, too.

And then I don't know whether to choose DI Dad, for all the DC info, thoughts, and news, or Jules for her songs-the-writers-never-knew-were-speaking-about-infertility. I guess I'll leave them both on the list. Y'all know it's nowhere near complete anyway, right?

The above-listed have the rare privilege of being allowed to add this plaque to their blog, and those who do memes can also think of five others to nominate.


Sunny said...

You crack me up with the, "like me to much now I can never meet you in real life" HA! It makes me laugh!g

Rachel Inbar said...


Thank you! You sound like you're doing so well, considering... How are you really?

The Momcaster said...

congrats on the nomination!
it's well deserved. hope you're doing well.

Sarah said...

oooh, thanks for introducing me to some new ones!

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