First of all, since I posted this deed, all the supermarkets I shop at have started offering re-usable bags for sale at the checkout. I'm not claiming responsibility for this, merely pausing to be heartened by the turn of events.

I have furthermore decided (in celebration of the above) to recycle one of my past good deeds*. The idea behind Kiva still takes my fancy, so I decided to give it another go. And as if the universe was in enthusiastic agreement with my theme, I almost immediately came upon this guy (except they seem to change it to a "general" thingy once the loan is raised):

He's a recycler. Well, a repairman, which is pretty close to the same thing.

Good luck, Jesus. This one's on behalf of Jester.

*Ok, you got me. It's because it's really hard to come up with something unique every seven days.

Please check out IIFF, where I have posted regarding the next festival. Opinions required!


Lut C. said...

Who said they had to be 50 unique deeds?

Rachel Inbar said...

I was thinking of your good deeds last week, when a woman slammed the door to the building in my face (she couldn't hold it open another second so that I could reach it...) and then she forgot her keys in her mailbox and proceeded to go to the elevator. I *really* wanted to let her get all the way upstairs before she realized she'd forgotten her keys. I was practically grinning as I thought about it... and then I turned to her and said, in my sweetest voice, "You left your keys in the mailbox." Does that count? In any case, you've been a good influence :-)

My Reality said...

Lut is right, why do you have to have unique deeds. A good deed is a good deed.

Sarah said...

good luck tomorrow. it is nice to feel like we at least know our lines.

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