Mr Bea has to take or forfeit some holidays by June this year. So, of course, he'll take them, and he asked me when they should be and what we should do. And I don't know. It depends what's going on with my cycle. When does one get one's period back after a D&C? How long is a piece of string?

After much anguishing over the uncertainty of infertility I realised it didn't matter. Book the holiday whenever. If my period's here, we'll go to Sydney to see their specialists in miscarriage*. If not, the world's our oyster, if a slightly gritty one which has been left out in the sun too long therefore destroying its taste and edibility, and which by the way doesn't seem to contain a pearl, the bastard thing.

So it was that I came to be browsing Intrepid's website, and planting a tree in Africa. I encourage you to do the same. Intrepid is a small group travel company which I highly recommend, and I'm not even getting paid to. They offer great value-for-money holidays, and in saying so I compare them first-hand with several different tour companies and independent travel. I love the respect they have for the cultures of their travel destinations, and their commitment to leaving the place even better than they found it. By, for example, planting trees. In Africa. Best of all, in case you're still wavering, I have successfully unsubscibed from their newsletter in the past, not that you have to subscribe now in order to plant a tree in Africa, but what I'm saying is they're quite trustworthy.


Mel made an interesting suggestion last week. She suggests everyone write a complimentary letter to a store or company about an employee. I know from time to time I get comments saying, "I should totally, like, start doing good deeds and shit, hey?" so it seems to me now's your chance. First, the tree. Then - and an email or phone call is acceptable if you don't want to undo your first piece of good work - tell someone's boss how much they rock. And then tell us about it. And email me, so I can link to you next week. And we can all, like, spread the love and stuff. Because we all have so much going unclaimed. We can even call it "The Great Deed Challenge" and we can hold one every... twenty-four... deeds. Who's with me?

*On which, more later.


Mary Ellen and Steve said...

I am in! What a good idea! I hope that you and Mr. Bea book an excellent holiday. You deserve it!

Vee said...

A holiday sounds fabulous and exciting.
I am not feeling very complimentary at the moment but I think it is a great idea.

Baby Blues said...

I'm with you! As always, wonderful idea!

Somewhat Ordinary said...

I'm up to the letter writing!!

M said...

Have a great holiday hun.

As for the good deed. I do this often...and my dear hubby needs to do one for a matter that happened last weekend...thanks for the reminder.

The Town Criers said...

Well, you know that I am using this challenge to write a letter about dear Steve at the store. I am fairly certain that few people have ever bothered expressing to Steve himself that they're grateful that he helps bring their groceries to their car, but more over, I'm fairly certain that his boss hasn't heard it. And it does make a difference in a person's day.

Of course, I am going to put in a plug for America for the trip. Namely, Washington, D.C. But...of course...that's a rather far holiday.

I'm interested in hearing more about the appointment later. Just by the way.

Bumble said...

My tree is planted... and I'm going to start looking out for someone to write a letter about...

Carly said...

Re: how long until AF after D&C - my first one took 10 long weeks (but that is also when my IF started) and my 2nd one took only 31 days.

Ignore your cycle, plan & go on a lovely holiday.

Have fun!

Piccinigirl said...

I'm with ya. I will try to get both of those things done this weekend. :)

have an wonderful deserve a little R&R

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