The thing I've found with good deeds is that opportunities present themselves. You don't have to go looking for them - you just have to keep your eyes open. Well, that's where it all fell down for me this week.

I think it's fair to say I've had my mind on other things. For a start, I completed an entry for the International Infertility Film Festival (screening online from March 31st! submissions encouraged from anyone who has anything to say about infertility or pregnancy loss, and wants to say it with short film!). I also met with SOB (acronym officially instated by popular demand), sweated about whether or not I booked my flight on the right date (still sweating), and discussed the finer details of our upcoming FET (such as how I'm going to explain repeated visits home to those who don't yet know about our IVF) with Mr Bea (whose answers surprised me). I guess I had my blinkers on.

So when Thursday rolled around I was left standing with my pants down (checking to see if that spotting was turning into anything) and also without having done any good deeds.

Behold the miracle of the internet! You see, it's easy to google up a good deed these days. According to this site, a click or two will help feed the hungry, fund mammograms for breast cancer screening, pay for better healthcare for children, reforest the earth, promote literacy or even save an animal here and there. Not bad for a few little finger movements. Especially when you're feeling too pre-menstrual to bother shifting your arse.

Also, you guys are great. You say just the right things. Thankyou.


Mands said...

I love the "50 Good Deeds" drive - I may implement one myself. I can totally relate to the PMS too. Not a good day all round, thanks for cheering me on when I needed it.

Vee said...

Bea, what great site I will visit it regularly.

Well done on completing a film !
I will have to get stuck into after our trip, just when I finally started I had to stop.
I can't wait to see all the entries.

My Reality said...

Good deeds while sitting on my ass are great!

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