I wish I was your age again,
Little girl
You're six weeks along and you are
Telling the world

You say you're gonna have a baby
And I sure hope that's true
But I just wish I could go back and be that
Shiny and new

And well I guess I should smile for you and
Wish you well
And I guess I should hear about your
Morning sickness "hell"

But then I don't know what to say to you
Our lives don't compare
And my nicest honest feeling
Is that I just don't care

I know you think you're older than me
In years, little girl
And I know you've travelled far from home
Right across the world

And so it might sound a little stange
If I say, now and then
I wish, little girl, I was
Your age again.

FET#4 went well. One embryo thawed and transferred. The rest sleep on.

Either I'm on a roll (glass half full Bea) or I've really and truly used up all my luck for this cycle now (guess which Bea that is?).

T minus 14 days til beta. T minus 3 til Mr Bea's departure. Rocky roads ahead...

But for now, I'm ok. Ok enough to greet news of fertile people's pregnancies with mere indifference. Yep, that's the height of good for me these days. Does that mean I'm getting old?


Jules said...

Wish Mr Bea the best from me.

Great news on your transfer. We are now 2ww buddies.

Glass half full Bea, glass half full. At least for the rest of this week.

snowhite said...

Hi Bea,

Wishing you all the best and hoping that glass stays half-full for you.

Vee said...

I am backing the glass half full Bea.

Ellen K. said...

I'm glad that the transfer went well. Best of luck, Bea!

lola said...

so glad the transfer went well! hoping that your glass stays half full (or all full-wouldn't that be great) !!

Beagle said...

Glad to hear it went well. Now to make it through the wait . . . thinking of you. All crossables are crossed for luck and NO YOU ARE NOT GETTING OLD!

soralis said...

Good luck! I really hope this is the one for you.

I hope your 2ww goes by fast.

Take care

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