Bea said...

Thanks, guys, for the well-wishing.

Kind of flat-lining here, emotionally speaking. But that's ok. A relief, even. I'm kind of enjoying the break.


soralis said...

Big hug! Enjoy your break

Jules said...

Hope your transfer went well.

Thinking of you

Jules xoxoxo

Carly said...

Oh, I like this game!!
My verse ATM can be from the Aerosmith & Santana song "just feel better"

"You're the only one who knows me
And who doesn't ignore
That my soul is weeping"
[reminds me of hubby - coz he doesn't ignore my weeping soul...sob]

There is another line in a different song that goes something like this:
"In the future I'll look back & I'll still feel the pain"
but after 10 minutes of googling & thinking, I'm yet to remember or find what that song is!
Go that's annoying.
It's a newish song (last year or so) so if anyone can think of it, I'd be glad to find out!!

Carly said...

My first comment!!
*waving to online friends Jules & Bea!!*

serenity said...

This could be my sountrack too.


Bea said...

Hmm... can't help you with that song, Carly. If you find it, let us know.


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