If you have not read my last post I beg, beg, beg you to do so now and reply with anything you can think of. Assvice/secret hope stories and whatever else you are wondering whether or not you should post as a comment because you think maybe it will sound really irritating and so no, actually, let's not post that well please please scrub that thought and actually post it because I promise I won't get mad.

I've written a novella on this subject for Mr Bea, but I'm going to give you the summary. (No, trust me - it's seriously long and tedious.) What it boils down to is this:

Either there is an explanation as to what's going on, or there isn't.

So I think the best thing is to spend October investigating thoroughly and treating any problems as best we can. And if it turns out, after exhausting all our tests, that there just isn't an explanation (which is unfortunately likely) then I should blame the IVF and take a break from it, just in case that helps. And if that doesn't help, well, I guess we're no worse off for trying. Hopefully no worse off.

I still need a full list of possibilities so we can be thorough in our investigation. Therefore - please keep sending me lots of assvice about luteal phase problems. Also, I'm thinking of gathering a second opinion just so we don't miss anything.

***Thankyou to those who have already replied to the last post - your comments helped immensely. At the end of the day, I guess I just want to know that what we're doing isn't completely pointless. At the moment that's the feeling I'm drowning in.

***Cervical Mucous Update***
No spotting last 22 hours. Good, except now, of course, I am completely re-evaluating my whole plan, and I had just got it looking like I wanted, too. Keep sending me info and advice. There's more of this debating what should be done if this, if that, before we're through. I'm ok though, just hungry for information.

I just got an email from Mr Bea (I asked him to google me stuff too). He asks if it's worth trying clomid. I think he may have a steep learning curve ahead of him.

Crap. Spoke too soon.


StellaNova said...

Hi Bea, I really think the medication and hormones that I have taken this year have really confused the shit out of my body and triggered what used to be a fairly normal cycle into becoming a mixed up, all-over-the-place, unrecognisable kind of a cycle. I've never felt so physically uncompetent as when I started IVF. But, I have no answers on how to get around it ... other that stop doing it for a while (but, then, doesn't that just delay what we are striving for as our ultimate goal?). I don't know if I've helped - I wish I could - but I don't really understand it any better that you do.

StellaNova said...

sorry, that should be 'incompetent'!

The Town Criers said...

I just read today someone saying the same idea as Stellanova--give your body a break from the hormones and sometimes it reboots. That said, I could never take the break so I'm hardly one to give the advice.

If you had the money, if you had the means, if you had the emotional strength, I would go to some place like Cornell and do a cycle with them. A place that has their finger on the cutting edge of research. I've heard of people doing it in two ways. One person went to NY for a one day visit, had blood work, received a diagnosis, and came back home to be treated by her RE with the new diagnosis. The other spent the entire cycle in NY. Both are secret hope stories and both conceived (and one has delivered and the other is due in December). If you want to talk to one of them, send me an email and I'll pass it on to them. I'm sure they'd be happy to tell you how they picked up and went out of state for treatment (thetowncriers@gmail.com).

The Town Criers said...

And...obviously America (and specifically NY--I mean, couldn't these clinics be in California if they have to be in America) is far away. But I'm sure there has to be a place like CRMI in Australia. The place that everyone turns to as the mecca for infertiles.

Vee said...

Sorry I don't have any secret hope stories but I think your plan is a good one. A bloody hard one ! but a good one.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a break will help. I'm so sorry I wish I could be more help.
take care bea

serenity said...
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serenity said...

sorry - my delete - forgot to finish my sentence!

One thing I was thinking - I just had my third FET and pretty much had to double my estrogen because my body stopped responding as well to it.

Along the lines of stella's comment, I am thinking that maybe all the hormonal induction/suppression I've been going through over the past year (I have had only one unmedicated cycle) has screwed up my body.

Perhaps over time your body needs more progesterone to maintain a good lining during your LP?

Anyway, I think a break for at least a cycle is probably a good idea just to see if your body can get back on track.

I am also a serial spotter and I know how frustrating it is to see it. I hope that you can get an answer soon.

Carly said...

OMG Bea, what's happening?
I'm a mess worrying about you & Jules.
Although of course no where near as worried as you all are though.


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