Ooh! See - that was a suggestive cramp.

Yes, Obsessive Bea. It's called progesterone pessaries. It happens every month. Remember?

But do I always feel nauseous?

An hour or two after giving yourself an hCG injection? Yes. You do.

Oh but, but... I'm not spotting yet. Last cycle I was spotting by this time.

So you were. But not the doomed cycle before that, or the doomed cycle before that...

It's all going to shit isn't it?

That's not what I meant.

I should be feeling something by now. I should be feeling different. Even my cervical mucous has dried up. Although that information is now two hours out of date... maybe I should check again.


Wait here a moment. I'm just going to go to the toilet, check my mucous, palpate my breasts and analyse my pores minutely in the mirror. Because my pore size varies according to my hormones, you know.

That's great to know, Obsessive. You have fun now.


Vee said...

How can you not obsess ? Obsess away...2WW equals obsession !

Great there has been no spotting.
A good sign. Just ask the half glass full Bea.

Jules said...

Hi. I'd like to introduce myself. I'm overly obsessed Julie.

Bea, I've tracked every pre-preg symptom website & it's shitting me.

I'm like you. No spotting. Boobs are normal. Still cramping. CM..well none existent.

Just get this over with.

lola said...

It would not be the 2ww without some major obsessing. No spotting is a great thing! Just keep thinking positive and do whatever you have to do to get through it. Report hourly on your CM if you'd like, we've all been there!

I'm sending lots of positive vibes your way and they're pretty strong to make it all the way to Australia from here ;)

Beagle said...

Totally normal. IF I changed a word or two (or none at all) that could be my exact script as well.

I'm only 1dpiui. 13 feaking days of insanity to go.

Good Luck Bea!!! Hang in there!!

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