The only thing different is it's taken two less weeks for everything to go to shit. Which I admit is nice. *Update - actually I checked my maths. Better make that one less week.*

The spotting started six days post transfer/eight days post ovulation, on day 25 of my cycle. A hCG injection did nothing but make it difficult to sit down. Now he's advising more progesterone, and trying to tell me to be less upset because this one patient? this one time? had two days of bleeding (when her period was due) but she was actually pregnant and went on to have a beautiful baby. On her very first IVF transfer, too!

Which is almost exactly like my situation.

Don't you think?

Hysteroscopy is back on. Forgive me if I just don't see how this is fucking ever going to fucking work.

***I need help***

I don't need hugs and I don't need to know you're thinking of me. Ok, well, maybe I need that too. But mostly I need to know what is going wrong, why, and how to fix it. Please, please, please give me any thoughts you, your assvice-loving neighbour or your superfertile hairdresser may come up with.

The Story For Those Just Catching Up

Prior to February I was considered to be a perfectly fertile woman, married to an unfortunately infertile man. Bloods and ultrasounds - all normal, at all times. Cycle - only irregular under periods of duress (jetlag/night shift). Luteal phase - perfect 14 days.

Feb - IVF/ISCI #1, ET was cancelled due to OHSS and I spent 10 days in hospital.

March/April - rest cycle, 46 days.

May - FET#1 - natural cycle with LP support.
No follicle growth whatsoever on scan, and E2 levels rock bottom until about day 17. Then the ovaries seemed to wake up and go about their business as usual.
Ovulated day 25, transfer day 27.
LP support - pessaries twice daily, hCG injections 4dpt (day 31) and 8dpt (day 35).
Some spotting day 38 (11dpt, 13dpo).
Low positive beta day 42.
Beta levels dropping day 46.
AF arrived day 48.

June - FET #2 - natural cycle with LP support.
Normal follicle growth and hormone levels on day 12 (10mm follicle).
No further growth by day 17 (still a 10mm follicle). Slight growth by day 20.
Ovulated day 24, transfer day 26.
LP support 2 pessaries daily, hCG 4dpt and 8dpt as before.
Spotting started day 33 (7dpt, 9dpo). Continued on and off til AF arrived day 43.

August - FET #3 - OI cycle with LP support.
Normal follicle growth and hormone levels on day 12 (as for FET#2).
Interminably slow growth between days 12 and 19 - started FSH once follicle properly "dominant".
Ovulated day 25, transfer day 27.
Pessaries twice daily, hCG 4, 6 and 8dpt, IM this time.
Spotting started day 32 (5dpt, 7dpo). Continued daily until AF arrived day 44.
Low positive beta day 41.
PROGESTERONE LEVELS NORMAL THROUGHOUT LUTEAL PHASE (high 80's, where normal range is anything above 40-ish).

September - FET#4 - OI cycle with LP support.
No follicle growth yet day 8.
Started FSH day 9, ovulated single follicle day 17 (yes, I thought it was 16 too, but apparently I was wrong) - hormone levels normal throughout. Transfer day 19.
LP support one pessary daily, hCG 4, 8dpt.
Spotting started day 25 (6dpt, 8dpo).
Extra hCG given day 26. Pessaries increased to three per day.
Spotting continues unabated, appears to be worsening.
6 days til beta.

Why why why?


Meg said...

Bea. I can't help. I don't know. But it is baffling, and I'm sorry to hear the new protocol didn't stop the early bleeding.

Sounds like the OHSS seriously messed with you, either way.

It's weird that progesterone level are good... do they have ANY ideas about what could be causing this??

Carly said...

OMG Bea.
I have NFI what's going on either.
Crikey I hope you get some answers.
Have you thought about seeing another FS?
Even just taking your notes & visiting one to have their opinion would be worth it.
Good luck matey.

Vee said...

Oh Crap Bea !

I am with Carly and perhaps you should see another FS, just to get another opinion and hopefully some answers.

Lut C. said...

I can't make it better.

Nor can these choice words from the information pack from my clinic:
"Pregnancy is a complex process. Today, there are still a lot of areas that remain inaccessible to research, and perhaps will stay that way. Even as doctor or scientist we don't have a ready answer to all questions, nor a solution".

ARGH! (Flinging the thing away in disgust.) Remind me why we are doing this again?

Jules said...

Bea, I have been spotting for the last two days to.

Unfortunatly, I'm not sure I can answer what's wrong.

I know it didn't help my sanity, but what about a break? Some time off the meds. No thought of when to OPK or if you need a HCG injection. Maybe the OHSS has knocked you around & going natural for a while may help.

OK, tell me to shut my mouth & go back in my box. It was a suggestion. Maybe you could take so time off work (if you have any AL). Go & see DH (ok, it's not like your jumping in the car & driving 5mins down the road). I'm thinking out loud here remember. A break may do you good. But then on the other hand...

I like Carlys' suggestion as well. A new FS, a new clinic. It can't hurt.

Yes, I did read that you didn't want ((HUGS)) or for us to tell you that we're thinking of you. Well to bad. I'm sending you Mega Cyber Hugs & hoping, wishing, praying, that your time will come soon

Bea said...

Meg - short answer is no. Big mystery, apparently.

Carly, Vee, Jules - I'm mulling over your suggestions. Let you know.

Lut - I am temporarily unable to comply with your request. Can anyone else remind me why we're doing this?


ellie said...

Bea, I am so sorry you are having to go through this. I can totally relate to having had a normal cycle- mine was totally like clock work til i started ttc. then once we started trying- seems like I would ovulate but I wouldn't-- everything looks good- my levels all go up- I even test pos for ovualtion and then- luteal phase too short and the cycle is messed up. I found accupuncture helped but the herbs they gave me messed with the fertil. drugs so we don't do those. nearly a year afer messing up my luteal phases they seem to be slowing back to normal again. Not encouraging I know. Hope it mellows for you.

serenity said...

O no Bea- I have no idea either - but I'm with Meg- sounds like OHSS messed you up.

I think both carly and jules's suggestions - a break might help get your body back into stasis while you get another opinion.

But that's just my assvice, take it with a grain of salt...

Anonymous said...

Sorry Bea I wish I could say something to help but i've only had one transfer and I really have no idea. I wish I did.

lola said...

Oh Bea, I'm so sorry. I also just don't know what to tell you. It definitely sounds like OHSS did a number on you and maybe more of a break is in order? I know that my Re has made me take extended breaks between my IVF and FET cycles - which I hated him for but maybe it was for the best after all?

I'm sorry and I do send you hugs even though you said you don't need them.

Thalia said...

I know that medical wisdom says that (i) LPD doesn't exist, and (ii) supporting w progesterone just postpones the day a pregnancy will fail. I say, perhaps in general, but not true for me specifically. On progesterone suppositories I got my period 11 days after egg collection. On PIO I didn't get the period until 3 days after stopping progesterone. So I say, try PIO.

You are also ovulating late. Is it worth trying a fully medicated FET cycle next time?

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