Busy week.

  • Used Qantas online feedback form to praise woman who did my booking last week. Woman is identified by staff number, not by name. Hope it gets through to right person. Thanks, Nica, for suggesting the idea - great minds think alike!

  • Caught up with friends. Real, comfortable-feeling friends. Didn't discuss anything infertility-related. Felt all warm and fuzzy and cared for.

  • Got offered a place in a Masters course (bioethics). Enrolled. Lots of paperwork still pending. Started trying to track down books on reading list in such a way as to avoid bankruptcy. No books so far. Class starts Monday.

  • Discussed new postgrad image at length with several people, who advised me on wardrobe and makeup. Culminated in buying new sunglasses. Arguably more important than buying new textbooks.

  • Spent quality time with beloved dog. Beloved dog looks awful - like a dog who's been sick for almost a year straight. Toast-rack thin. Sparse hair. Inability to play like she used to. But very bright and happy, and hopefully on the long road to recovery. Suppressed frustration with parents, who can't tablet her even though she's an extremely easy dog to tablet, because these drugs are not supposed to be handled by women who are trying to become pregnant and it's sweet of them to do this for me, even if it does take them for-freaking-ever and the tablets get spat all over the place. Love you Mum/Dad.

  • Had deep and meaningful discussion over kitchen table about Aunt who complains constantly about the stress of being a grandmother to my mother, who is starting to feel like someone needs a slapping.

  • Read half a blog for the Roundupaversary. Other half pending. Neglected to take my camera to photograph the clinic for the Virtual World Tour. Kicked myself.

  • Emailed MD about test results, no response! Phoned today - machine. Will try again tomorrow.

  • Worked on IIFF.

  • Started sniffing. Back on long protocol. For those catching up - decided on long down-reg. Synarel debacle. Changed plan to short down-reg. Airline debacle. Now back to long down-reg. Stay tuned.

  • Ran around clearing backlog of medical claims, gathering end-of-financial-year documents, etc etc etc - all those "well, I'll leave it til I get back" errands I've been putting off for a couple of months now.

  • Lined up part-time work for duration of stay in Australia.

  • Bought new organiser!

  • Checked adsense account - up to $76.43!

  • Read fantastic summary of the characteristics of a "survivor". Feel like I've failed the "quickly" part of the description, but it's not too late to cultivate the necessary attitude. Entered "cultivate survivor's attitude" into the Saturday afternoon slot in my organiser.


Bumble said...

Wow, you HAVE had a busy week! And wow too on organising part-time work for your visit already! You go girl!

Vee said...

You will be at the end of your 2WW before you know it if you continue to keep this busy.

It must be nice to be at "home" and feeling all warm and fuzzy.

Keep busy.

Samantha said...

That is a lot going on!

You are definitely a survivor to me.

Ellen K. said...

Good for you, Bea! Congrats on your grad program.

Anonymous said...

Glad you finally made it home- what a debacle- tears have always worked well for me too... Hope it all goes fantastically (well not so well as the first try because that was too good but average with a nice number of eggies would be good)
Take care

megan said...

reading your post made me a little sleepy! you are quite the busy woman. congrats on the masters program -- that's great news.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Wow, you're busy! I never realized that the reason your parents were keeping your dog was because of the meds. That is very sweet! Hope your pup continues to get better!

Sarah said...

i'm going to disagree with Vee *slightly* and say you'll find yourself at the START of the 2ww. congrats on your smart new sunglasses!

Lut C. said...

It's hard to keep up with you! Working in Australia, studying in Singapore, ...

KarenO said...

You sound way beyond busy! Don't forget to take care of yourself inbetween everything :) And I'm with you on failing the "quickly" part of the survivor's attitude - but you're right, now is always a good time to start :)

Pamela Jeanne said...

You've been a machine! Well done on many fronts. I'm dabbling with an idea for the IIFF. Hope to have something worthwhile and will promote others it to get involved on my next post.

Anonymous said...

Will you even have time to cycle with all you have going on?

Schatzi said...

Congrats on your bioethics course! It has been quite a week for you.

Glad you liked the survivors list.

Geohde said...

My god.

My list this week has consisted of:

1. get out of bed and,
2. shower.

I am unworthy!


P.S. thanks for stopping by Chez MI.

ellie said...

Good Golly- I don't even do that much in a month! I hope everything continues to go well-- so sorry about the sick pup. Hope she gets better soon.

Portia P said...

Goodness me you've been busy!!

Quite a week - hope you can fit the cycle in!


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