Ever since he found out the theme for this IIFF was to be "Seasons", Mr Bea has been singing the following song around the house (to the tune of Feelgood Hit of the Summer):

"Synarel, FSH, clomiphene, ovidrel, heparin, progesterone...
I-I-I-I-I V! F!"

He's also disappointed no-one used this song by Crowded House. However, since he was too lazy to actually put an entry together using either of these ideas, he wonders if you could just imagine them in your mind.

I am not inclined to add him to the poll.


Vee said...

Well I am disappointed Mr B didn't get his act together because those lyrics to the tune of Feelgood Hit of the Summer would have been perfect !

After I submitted the film, Max asked when the next IIFF was as he wants to make his own film next....we will see.

Beagle said...

Tell Mr Bea we will imagine his entry and he can imagine our votes in return.


I'm glad you've married such a creative guy . . . he sounds fun!

Anonymous said...

Tell him he better get his entry done next time!

The Town Criers said...

I had actually thought of doing something to Weather With You from that album. That one feels more like IF to me: the fact that you can't outrun it, you take it everywhere.

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