I had a telephone appointment with FS this morning. I want to shelve our OHSS embryos and do another stim, but it runs against the generally accepted way of doing things, which is to use up your frosties before starting again.

In our case I think a new stim is clinically justified. The most likely reason for our failures thus far, according to two separate specialists, is that this batch of embryos is affected by OHSS. Even if that's wrong, continuing to transfer in the same way, getting the same results, teaches us nothing. A new batch will at least test this hypothesis. Besides, with six embryos in the freezer, we can afford to be super-conservative with our stims, making it highly unlikely we'll repeat the OHSS, yet sure we'll make to transfer, even if that means using our frozen backups. It takes some of the stress out of the cycle.

Can you tell I've been rehearsing this speech? For months? Here's how our conversation went:

FS: What can I do for you, Bea?

Bea: Well, I'd like to do a new stim...

FS: No worries. We'll start straight away. Anything else?

Bea: Clexane*...?

FS: If you want. Is that it? Well I guess I'll see you when you're up to the injections then.

Bea: Oh. Good.

I've just added myself to cyclesista. We're on to IVF/ICSI#2. Retrieval early/mid-August.

Now I know what you're thinking: "Did I miss the post where we got the results from the testing cycle?" Well, no you didn't. But those results will be in before the retrieval cycle, and they're unlikely to change our basic protocol. And if they do, well, gosh - a change of plan would just shock me to the core, I don't think. As it is, I only have ten days left to get me some synarel, so I need to keep moving.

And I need to do a good deed! In view of the fact that my previous two Kiva loans are being repaid ahead of schedule, I've decided to make a third. This one goes to Yadigar Djabrayilov, who needs to repair his truck so he can go on supporting his young family after the death of his wife and their displacement from their home in the occupied territory of Azerbaijan.

I've decided to do a weekly treasurer's report, to let you know how our Fifty Good Deeds fund is going. This week we're up to $68.65.


Babyblues is also getting into the spirit with more on Operation Smile. They're raising donations!

*Clexane is a brand-name heparin, like Lovenox.


Vee said...

Yay ! I am so excited for you Bea !
And happy your FS was so easy going, what a relief.

Beagle said...

You have to love an agreeable doc! That's great. I'm also excited about your experience with the Kiva loans. That is wonderful!

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

So exciting that you are getting started again!

Samantha said...

I hope this stim goes well. Glad your doctor is going along with it. Isn't it funny how sometimes the things we think will be the most difficult end up being a breeze? Too bad we expend all of that mental energy worrying about them!

serenity said...

Is it wrong that I am *really* excited that you're cycling again?

I think it's a very good choice - a good way to get more data. And stimming conservatively - YES. I agree.

And, you know. Potentially having it work too. That's something.

Meg said...

Ah, converstations like his always turn out easier than you plan in the rehearsal. Glad to hear another stim cycle is on it's way Be. FWIW, I do think it will make a difference. xx

Sarah said...

fantastic that your doc is on board with what seems like a very reasonable plan. hurray for something NEW!

Piccinigirl said...

I think that anything different has to be better. I am so glad that your FS was ready to agree and get you started. I am excited for your cycle.

GLouise said...

Glad that things worked out with the doctor!

Nica said...

Yay! Fingers crossed!

Um. What's Clexane? (And why?)

Anonymous said...

I think another fresh cycle is a great choice. Glad the conversation went just as rehearsed!

blondie said...

Although, I have never been through what you are going through, nor will I ever understand all the codes - I just wanted to say "You go, girl!"

:) blondie - crossing fingers

Pamela Jeanne said...

Glad to hear that you're on your to a new promised filled cycle! Sending positive thoughts your way.

Also, thank you for sharing your Kiva experience. My next stop is the Kiva website. I'd like to focus on a few good deeds, too. I needed the reminder about the micro loan site. cheers for now...

Schatzi said...

Glad to hear your visit with new FS went well. And... good luck getting the synarel as well.

Thanks for the Kiva info. hadn't heard of it before and will be looking into it.

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