This newsflash is brought to you by the break between painting one side of a door this morning, and being able to turn it over to paint the other side this afternoon. And, if you want to get more metaphorical, having a blood test on Wednesday (day 12) and having another one on Thursday (day 13)*. Here are the headlines:

  • Pregnant? Depressed about it? Don't come crying to me - research shows you can take antidepressants during pregnancy with no long-term behavioural effects on your child. Although, if you're still worried, why not try breathing the sweet, sweet stench of your husband's sweaty laundry? I'm planning to make Mr Bea jog through the tropical humidity in the same shirt every day of my two week wait!

  • In the contest between China and Britain over their respective reproductive awareness**, it's hard to see who wins. On the one hand, Britons are jumping up and down after sex to prevent conception (always worked for me), whilst on the other, Chinese are freezing their eggs so they can "safely" delay childbearing til later in life. Bzz. Sorry, the answer is: c) neither is correct.***

  • Lastly, a story of hope. Contrary to popular belief, it seems there is a God. Those who want to petition him for help on their reproductive journey are advised to set up intercessionary prayer meetings across several nations. One study shows a small but statistically significant improvement in conception rates. Volunteers?

*Dear Universe, I am not complaining about a boring cycle. I love boring. Boring is great.

**You didn't know there was a contest?

***Of course, egg freezing is a valuable tool in many situations. But let's not promote it as "Hey! Have your cake and eat it too!" Under the much more favourable conditions of IVF, it can take dozens of retrieved eggs to produce a single baby. Don't bet on it if you don't have to - all I'm saying.


Adrienne said...

Thanks for reading the news, Bea, so we don't have to.

As for the men's sweat study, I think it was run by men who don't like to shower, so they could come home to their wives and say: "See, honey, it's scientifically proven that you love it when I stink to high heaven!" Er, no thanks.

Lut C. said...

Perhaps they have developed a better technique for freezing eggs.
I believe there has been some recent breakthrough on that front, something called vitrification.
Here is where I read that:

Still, better odds, doesn't necessarily mean GOOD odds.

Is the paint dry yet?

Beagle said...

I wish someone had told me sooner. I must not skip rope after sex anymore. Who would have thought the problems was so easily solved?

(Can people really be that ill informed??)

Like adrienne I thank you for the news in short. I only read the comics on Sunday.

N said...

What would life be without a bit of infertile cynism? Thanks for letting us know what's going on in the world. Now I know why we didn't get pg in 5 years. I should have jumped more...:-S

Well well, maybe I should just paint a bit too....

My Reality said...

I have heard lots on the sweaty guy smell in the news lately. Personally, it does nothing for me, but maybe some people like it. Why I don't know!

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