I've been getting a few hits from people googling about their luteal phases, and I must admit I don't have as many answers as I'd like myself. So I thought I might try something - an informal survey to see what others' experiences have been.

In order to participate in this survey you must:

  • have completed an IVF cycle.
  • have experienced three menstrual cycles after IVF which did not result in pregnancy, and which occurred prior to a successful pregnancy. Do not include treatment cycles except completely natural FETs without luteal phase support.
  • have accurately charted cervical mucous/spotting for at least three cycles before IVF, as well as those three cycles after IVF.
  • be able to accurately pinpoint ovulation for those six (or more) cycles, by means of either a blood test to detect LH surge or basal body temperature charting.

So if that's you, please take the survey now and we'll see what we see. I'll update this post periodically to include results.

Phew! Well, that was a long time between updates.
Basically, a small number of respondants indicate no change to their luteal phase post-IVF. Must be just me then.


Patience said...

I did it! My luteal phase has remained exactly the same both pre and post ivf- it will be interesting to see how others go.

Mel said...

I did the survey. It will be interesting to see what others are like

Rachel Inbar said...

Wow. Too many conditions for me. I never kept track of anything... then again, there wasn't really any reason to, since I wasn't going to conceive naturally.

Vee said...

Unfortunately I don't fit the criteria.
But I will be very interested in the results.

Bea said...

I know it's restrictive. My criteria actually exclude myself. Bugger.

Seems to be no change post-IVF so far, but I think it'll be one for the backburner so we can build up enough numbers.


TeamWinks said...

I don't qualify for the survey. I just wanted to stop over here and say hi. :-)

serenity said...

I did it too! My natural cycles (since I am assuming you wanted information on those, not my FETs) have gotten a bit stronger after IVF - my average LP length increased by one day and my average spotting decreased by two days.

But I am thinking, though, that my cycles were tremendously weak early into TTC - I had been on birth control for a LONG time.

Aurelia said...

Well, I don't qualify for your survey, even though I have had a documented case of LPD, because I don't qualify for IVF. (FSH too high, $#%^#$)

Anyway, after my bloods at 7dpo came back with almost non-existent progesterone, I took suppositories, and my blood levels soared and my son Mark stayed to term.

In later pregnancies I used prometrium intravaginally, 200-400 mg/day, and/or micro hcg shots, 2000 units every other day, sub-cue.

Worked well, but prohibited POAS. I had to squeeze 2 beta tests inbetween shots. Up meant pregnant, down meant not.

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