Did I say Tuesday? I meant Thursday. Or possibly some other day entirely, who knows?

For those who like detail, and background, this is what's happening: I am on an ovulation induction protocol designed to make me ovulate a single follicle. This is because a) my body tends to ovulate randomly at times and b) I've had dodgy luteal phases and this might help. This cycle, however, instead of letting one follicle shoot forwards to glorious victory, my ovaries have decided to share the love. I have about nine follicles which are all sitting around in a big circle, sipping weird herbal tea, snacking aimlessly, and having long, deep, and meaningful discussions about topics which fit neither of the latter two categories in any way whatsoever, but the former just a little too well.

I'm so looking forward to ovulation, by the way.

Every morning I give them a dose of FSH by injection, and as it reaches their little tea party I hear them have this conversation: "Oh - did anyone order FSH? What about you? Well someone must want it, I mean I'll have a bit but I'm on a diet. Here - you try some, it really is delicious it's just I can't really stomach the whole thing, it's too rich, and anyway I'll get gas, or possibly fluid and an egg. And I don't want that, haha!" And then, instead of getting on and growing, they drift into a discussion about that woman in Thailand who caught the wrong bus and didn't get home again for twenty-five-years and that reminds me, does anyone want to brush up on their pictionary?

It seems especially perverse when my fellow Stirrup Queens sometimes struggle to produce nine follicles even when they're purposely injecting gargantuan doses of stims with the expressed aim of doing so. I mean, who the fuck is running this place anyway? I want to talk to a supervisor.

But I guess I'll just wait til Thursday. Or whenever. It'll give me a chance to spend more quality time with the dog.

Amazon Replies:

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Baby registries remain active on our web site for 12 months after the baby's arrival date shown on the registry, to give friends and family the opportunity to purchase gifts for the new arrival even after the baby is born. After 12 months, the registry is automatically deleted. I apologize if this caused any inconvenience.

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For the full backstory, see the original post at Welcome To The Dollhouse and the bottom of my last post, plus the first comment.


The Town Criers said...

I love this image of your follicles all having tea. Your follicles are so civilized. And on diets!

I came up with my movie idea today. I'm going to do a cartoon. Now I just need to figure out how one creates a cartoon. Okay--I have to email you directly to ask how to do a bunch of stuff, o' computer guru.

Anonymous said...

I see Amazon didn't offer a solution to this problem. How frustrating.

Thursday sounds good. A lot better than Tuesday if you ask me. It is that much closer to the weekend, that is a good sign, right?

GLouise said...

I love the image of your follies, too. I picture them as the ladies on "The View." ;-)

Vee said...

I have a very cute image of the Tea party in my head.
Thursday is good.

That poor Thai lady how frustrating for her.

Have lots of fun with your dog.

Anna said...

Isn't it funny that most of the time it seems that your ovaries are doing just the oppposite thing that you would like them to. When you want a small number of follies, you get a huge load - and vice versa

Aurelia said...

So, question Bea, do they harvest those follies and use 'em? Just because well, why waste them? Or do they ignore them and just transfer the frozen embie?

And if they don't harvest them, will you have cysts to deal with?

Having POF, I've never had this problem, LOL, so I'm curious about the protocol, apologies if it sounds strange.

Lut C. said...

All parties must come to an end, and then the hostess has to clean up the mess. Soon, let's hope.

Thalia said...

How very frustrating of your ovaries to be taking tea at a time like this. As you say, would be nice if everyone's ovaries took a few lessons. Let's hope one of those follicles decides to blow the diet soon.

Bumble said...

Hey Bea, I also wanted to know what will happen to the follies? I'm still a bit thick when it comes to alot of this, but also wondered whether they'd harvest them? Anyway, your tea party / FSH story was very cute!

That poor Malay woman, imagine getting lost for 25 years!?

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