For the third week in a row I found myself scrambling to get a good deed done. I refuse to believe, however, that fifty is more to bite off than I can chew. Also, this week was different in that I was not suffering from mere laziness, but the rather more frustrating occurrence of having my intentions thwarted on several occasions.

Item One: RDA Photographer

An email was sent out to all RDA volunteers asking if they'd be able to take some photographs of a certain lesson. I replied immediately, and though I received no reply I turned up on the appointed day with camera in hand, ready to shoot. Only to find out my email had gone missing (later found in the recipient's "spam" folder - wtf?) and someone else with a camera had been roped in instead. Then my batteries ran flat and it was all over. I did, however, manage to get this photo:

...but it wasn't exactly what they had in mind.

Item Two: Folded Cranes

I met Mr Bea at a cafe after work, and on the counter they had a cylindrical, clear, plastic bin with a stack of notelets beside it. "Fold the paper into a crane," said the nearby instruction sheet, "and place it into the bin. Our sponsor will donate one bowl of rice to the needy for every crane."

By the time the cafe owners were shutting up shop, my crane looked like this:

Also, Mr Bea was starting to insist on our going home, something we'd planned on doing some time earlier. I blame the instructions. [Shifty sideways look.]

Item Three: The Young Man On The Street

I was looking for a postbox when a young man approached me asking if I knew where such-and-such street was. I admitted I didn't, and that I was, in fact, lost just looking for a postbox even though I knew there was one within fifty metres of where we were standing. (It turned out, later, to have been behind us.) He then offered to take me to a nearby postbox he knew of, which he very kindly did, chatting all the way. He explained he was going to a friend's house to visit, and knew the street was around here somewhere, but beyond that he was a bit stumped. "Never mind," he said. "I'll call my friend from the public phone when we get back to the spot we first started."

"Don't be silly," I replied. "I have my phone right here. You can call your friend now."

"No no," he said. "Thankyou, but I have the coins here." And he duly showed me a handful of silver coins.

"But it's no trouble and you found me the postbox after all. Here."

"No, it's ok."

"Really, I don't mind."

"No really, I'll just use the public phone, it's ok."

At that point I stopped and turned to him, shaking him violently by the shoulders, and crying, "But you have to use my phone! It's my good deed for the week!" and he ran away.

Nevertheless, I remain undefeated.

You see, today I have, with the help of the internet, taught myself how to fold a paper crane:

Much better. That, my friends, is worthy of a bowl of rice.

So on this, my last night in town before FET#5, I will return to our coffee shop of yore - this time with a sheet of my own instructions, printed off the above website just to make sure there's no room for confusion - and fold a sodding paper crane or two if I have to make them stay open all night.

I hope they have one of those unicef coin collections on the plane tomorrow.


Bumble said...

Aw man, I'll say it again, we need more like you! Well done on all your deeds so far :-) Maybe you should have stuck up those instructions next to the pile of papers in the cafe, so more people could learn how to fold them!

My word verification looks a bit like: dumbass HUH?

aah0424 said...

I think just the fact that you were TRYING to do a good deed should count for something, right? Your crane looks great by the way!

Lut C. said...

You're tenacious!

My Reality said...

I think your crane is worthy of several bowls of rice. Nice job Bea!

Mands said...

I think you are right - the world needs more volunteers. I will be starting my 50 Good Deeds tomorrow :-) BTW Where in the world is the travelling book? Do you think I should send Tertia's book on it's travels too? Do you think she'll mind?

Stephanie said...

"No good deed goes unpunished."
Does anyone know who said that? WEll Bea, you've got gusto! Way to go and not give up. I had the feeling you were going to do a good deed if it killed you or not. :)

Baby Blues said...

That's a good idea Mands! I've been wanting to read Tertia's book but it hasn't reached our shores yet. Maybe you should have it travelling in this side of the globe. The travelling book is now with My Reality.

Bea, I agree with Bumble... we need more like you. Good deeds bring good karma. I hope and wish you get a good FET#5.

The Town Criers said...

You are the most determined do-gooder I know :-)

I am impressed.

Have a safe flight and a good appointment.

Adrienne said...

Good luck and G*d speed on your upcoming journey and FET#5.

Gypsyhick said...

I love the mental image of you desperately shaking a stranger.

So funny!

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