The BBE Gen-Y Youth Hub is a program aimed at "out-of-school youths who are unemployed and youths at high risk between the ages 10 to 18 years old" in Singapore. They provide "a range of developmental and rehabilitative programmes, with the objective of helping the out-of-school youths and youth at high risks to be reinstated into schools while equipping them with social skills, vocational training and IT skills. Recreation and the arts, creative and performing arts such as graffiti, mural painting, music, dance and drama will also be offered to provide a balance in their lives. Job opportunities will be created for out-of-school youths who are not eligible to be reinstated into schools."

The pint-sized tin-rattler who approached me on the street and offered his hand in greeting - much in the manner of a used-car salesman - before launching into his pitch, sold it almost entirely from the angle of education. "Do you believe education is important?" he asked conversationally, still pumping my hand up and down with great vigor. And I had to agree I do. But it's not everthing, is it?

After all, Abla Akla, who became one of my debtors in The Week Good Deeds Forgot has precious little of the stuff under her belt, yet has managed to repay 25% of her loan already.

(And just in case you were wondering how our little fund is going, the adsense account is up to US$55.64 - a little over halfway to what we need before we can collect and disburse the funds.)

Since I'm writing this, you know I decided that educating the disadvantaged youth of Singapore was worth my donation. In any case, it seemed the only way to get the lad to let go of my hand.

Karaoke Diva is fundraising for a charity close to my heart. Go over and support her as she Races for the Cure to breast cancer.


Vee said...

Abla is doing really well, good on her !

Oh I always forget to click. Remember to click adsense. Remember to click adsense.

Stacie said...

I clicked!

Piccinigirl said...

you are my inspiration for humankind. you really are. I am always so struck by how much you give of yourself. It humbles me.

Karaoke Diva said...

I clicked! And thanks for the linkage!

Bea said...

Thanks, guys. Now up to $60, which is right on target for a payout at deed 50 - although I should point out that, as per google's adsense contract, I am in no way asking you to gratuitously click on the ads. I am merely giving you a treasurer's report in order to provide the sort of transparency expected of any person or organisation who is collecting funds for charity.


Heather said...

Just a thought...

Since I'm such a slacker, and use Bloglines, I often forget to come here and click on the links - anyway you can put a reminder at the bottom of your posts, like a signature?

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