Remember how last week I gave you a week to drum up some noise? Yeah. I wasn't thinking very clearly.

We're going away early Saturday morning, which is still Friday in some parts of the world, so I won't really be around to pull it all together. So! The good news is you have until Monday the 28th of May to drum up some noise instead.

So hit something! Record the sound, or a video, or describe the experience on your blog! It's good, I promise.


Earlier this evening...

Bea: So, you're doing a PhD. What in?

Newly-introduced Person (NP): Life Sciences.

Bea: And what are you doing exactly?

NP: Research into biology, that kind of thing.

Bea: Right. (Thanks.) What aspect are you actually studying, yourself?

NP: Fruit flies.

Bea: And what are you doing with the fruit flies?

NP: Mainly feeding them.

Bea: What are you learning from them?

NP: Nothing at the moment.

Bea: Ok. But what are you going to learn from them in future?

NP: I don't know.

Bea: What are you aiming to learn from them?

NP: Not a lot.

Bea: Right.

NP: Mm.


Matthew M. F. Miller said...

Ha! Well, you hit on a very important point: sometimes you can learn a lot from nothing, especially when you stare at it long enough.

Kelly said...

Oh, I have been NP many, many times while I was working on my PhD. You get to a point where you just don't want to talk about your research anymore. I have even used the "oh, look over there" as a way to distract people from asking me about research and other science-related questions.

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Hmmm that was in interesting conversation. Glad I have a few extra days to do my drumming.

Lut C. said...

That's what PhD's are for right? Staring at the same thing for too long. :-)

TeamWinks said...

Uh-huh. Yeah. Hmmmm...

projgen said...

heh. I had a friend who also studied fruit flies. Because he was always so vague about what he was actually studying, I used to tell everyone that his job was "to pull the wings of off flies."

Made him none too happy. But then he would try to explain to us what he was really studying. Then *we'd* be unhappy.

Bea said...

I guess mainly it was a problem because the return conversation goes like this:

So what do you do at the moment?

Oh, this and that... (Hey look! The Goodyear blimp!)


Reproductive Jeans said...

Uh huh..what an exciting conversation...haha. I have been listening to Acou.stic Alchem.y tp get me in the mood for drumming=)

Anonymous said...

Did you know if you get fruit flies in you house, you can get rid of the by putting a bowl with apple cider vinegar and a drop of dish soap and covering it with plastic wrap with holes poked in it? (How is that for an akward, run-on sentence?)

Bumble said...

You just wanna yell at NP, "C'mon spit it out man! Give me SOMETHING!" Yikes.

Patience said...

serenity said...

That was hilarious.

I actually saw something today that said that a breakthrough in fruit fly studies allowed researchers to determine that fruit flies have "free will."

Not sure really how they GOT to that conclusion. Perhaps they told them to take out the garbage in fly-speak, and they didn't listen?

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