Infertility can be such a secretive and isolating experience. Take this example: we have just returned home from a holiday in Vietnam. For the next couple of weeks, everyone I see will be asking, "So, your holiday, what was the highlight?" and I will not be able to say, "Menstruating."

"Oh yes," I would like to tell them. "It started with a little brown spotting in Ho Chi Minh City, and escalated to a rusty tinge during our tour of the Mekong Delta region. In the end I menstruated heavily all the way to Da Lat and back. It was fantastic. Want to see pictures*?"

I had some light, brown spotting during a visit to this temple in Ho Chi Minh City.

A woman pauses in her rice field to watch me as I start my period.

Here I am menstruating on the back of a motocycle in Da Lat, in the Vietnamese highlands.

Instead I will have to brush them off with the usual vagueness. "All good, you know." "The standard stuff." "Plenty to keep us busy." At least with this, if pressed, I can faciliate a change of topic by threatening a slideshow of over a hundred photos.

On a practical note, we have now entered MD's testing cycle. If you like to read about temping, urinating on OPKs, and undergoing endometrial biopsies, have I got a treat coming up for you!

*Yeah, I had you going.

If you want a more orthodox trip report, email me (infertilefantasies at gmail dot com) and I'll CC you onto the list when I send it to everyone.


The safe-looking Vietnamese coffee apparatus I purchased (left and right, foreground), along with the evil, finger-burning one (background).


TeamWinks said...

I think I would laugh hysterically if somebody gave me their trip report in such a manner, oh wait I did! On my way to email you, so I can see some more fun picures and a trip review.

Vee said...

Sucks how she can arrive at the crappiest times.
Her arrival marking the beginning of the next phase is a good thing ?

The Vietnamese coffee apparatus looks interesting I can't quite work out how it works. Ah yes the Italian cafetiera they can be nasty.

I love your pics !

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Sorry that you had to deal with AF on your vacation.

Love the pics!

Bea said...

I just wanted to clarify - yes, Murphy's law, you wait six weeks for a period and one shows up the moment you land at your holiday destination, but my overwhelming feeling is relief. The do-nothing cycle is over (without ovulation) and it wasn't too long in the end.

Also, a normal period means I almost certainly don't have scarring from the D&C. Doesn't rule it out completely, but under the circumstances I think I should stop worrying.

So - good news. You guys are the only ones who'll appreciate the "real" trip report, though.


Baby Blues said...

Hilarious post! Love your photos. Sucks to have AF tag along. She always has annoying timing.

Baby Blues said...

Oops, missed your comment by a minute. In that case, it's good AF showed up.

Kindly sign me up for the trip review mail list.

Anonymous said...

Bea, you make me laugh.

I would love to see more pics! Add me to the list if you don't mind.

Welcome home!

Lut C. said...

Secretive indeed. I can't remember how many evasive answers I've given in the last years.

Patience said...

I know I shouldn't laugh- but you're pretty damn funny!

I'd love to hear more (about your holiday that is!)


projgen said...

Ah, evasive answers have become my forte!

Glad you had a good visit from AF, but the timing still could have been better. Were you, um, y'know, prepared? Supplied? Are supplies in Vietnam modern and what you're used to, or scary contraptions?

Here's to no scarring!

Mel said...

DH's coffee came out his nose when he read the title of your post.
If only people really knew what was going on whilst riding a scooter/bike thingy.
I love the coffe apparatus

Bumble said...

Bea, that evil bitch saw you were going on a lovely holiday and decided to join you, she was taking full advantage of her evil powers. But I'm glad she's here so you can move along, and you did make me laugh out loud the way you told us. x

The Town Criers said...

Congratulations on your period. It's amazing how Aunt Flo can find you even when you're traveling through Vietnam so many miles from home. She's sort of like Santa Claus that way...

I'd like to hear the actual trip details since Vietnam is high on my "must go there"

Samantha said...

Welcome back! I'm glad AF stopped by, even if the timing wasn't ideal. Also glad you'll save your fingers from further burning!

Sunny Jenny said...

funny, funny, funny!

The Momcaster said...

well, i'd love to see vietnam so you can't really blame AF for free loading on this trip.
sounds like you had a great time otherwise...

Mony said...

It's a feminine hygeine commercial in the making! Including you whizzing off on a motorbike looking like a bandit. Weeeee! Absolutely hysterical.

Reproductive Jeans said...

Hahaha, just lovely. Great way to get us all going. I love the pics! Damn AF on vacation-doesnt get better than that!

ak1908 said...

Has anyone ever told you that you have the best sense of humor?!?! You are too hilarious. I'm hoping you had a great trip and sorry that you had to deal with AF during the trip!

Carlynn said...

Very funny post. Wish I knew you in real life so I could have received that reply to my holiday question, I would have laughed my head off.

Great photos. Vietnam is no. 1 on my list of places to visit.

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