1. You mean apart from get pregnant like I want to?

2. But girls can do anything, can't they?

3. Get motivated enough to tick some stuff off from the first list.

4. Look skilled whilst playing sport.

5. Go through life without doing things I regret from time to time.

6. Cook anything that involves sculpting or wrapping. (Eg Fish cakes, spinach and fetta triangles... that sort of thing.)

7. Work out what photos to enlarge and hang in the living room. And where.

Musing: I don't actually feel 100% comfortable with this list. I think a lot of the things listed fall more into the category of "things I could do if only I wanted them enough and was willing to put the effort in". I think I prefer to think of things in that light. Like, I could make fish cakes, but I find it difficult and I don't feel like rising above that difficulty. But I could. If I really tried.

The only things that really belong on this list are numbers one and five. I think that's why they hurt so much.


Meg said...

Yes. I was very very close to writing: actually fish cakes are very easy. Re: other wrapping foods - you're not foolish enough to try and make the pastry yourself, are you? You CAN get it in the supermarket in sheets.

Thanks Bea. Hope you're doing ok. :)

soralis said...

Just catching up after my holiday. Hope someday you can take #1 off of you list.

I can related to #7. It was almost 8 years before I hung a picture in my living room, and/or figured out what I wanted there.

Take care

StellaNova said...

I am an artist and my living room walls are still empty. I'm waiting for Perfect, but she's just as elusive as Hope. I have been summoning up the courage - Meg tagged me too - maybe installments are the better way to go.
Thanks for sharing (again!).

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