Here's my problem.

I think having to first look up, and then afterwards contact a fertility clinic is one too many steps for people. I base this on my own laziness, which, sadly, is no worse than the next person's when it comes to issues affecting only Other People.


1. Direct reader to their GP.
Pros - people have his/her number.
Cons - will the GP give an appropriately enthusiastic reception to the offer? Will the GP even know where to start? You still have to make an appointment - and probably pay something, too. Damnit, that's not a very good idea at all.

2. Name specific clinics local to me.
Pros - gives a specific number. Phone answered by someone who will more likely gush instantly about what a great thing you'll be doing.
Cons - is this advertising?
Rebuttals - do I care?
More cons - if there's more than two clinics, pic gets cluttered and complicated. Also, do the clinics in question want to be associated with this campaign?

3. Name central, non-profit group responsible for such things.
Pros - all the way.
Cons - does one exist in Australia?

4. Further suggestions?

I should also point you towards Richard's Blog since he's the one who started the campaign so you can read more about where the whole idea came from, where it's going, and what it means.

Dynamo Dad created the poster and you can discuss it in more detail on his blog.

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MAX said...


I thought that it would be safer from a legal point of view to leave the choice of place of donation open.

In a way I think this message is more about raising awareness to the issue in a tongue in cheek way.

Actually I could see it as a postcard, one side displaying the slogan above and the other a more serious blurb about male infertility and perhaps a serie of contact numbers.

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