1. His taste in comedy and sense of humour.

2. His concern for me in times of distress.

3. His willingness to put up with my moods even without explanation, and his ability to say the right thing at the right time. The second seems to have declined somewhat with age... but still solidly above average, I think.

4. The lovesick poems he wrote to me.

5. The way he looks at me, and the way he sees me.

6. Anybody ready to throw up yet? Is it time to chip in with "his tasty physique and manly ways"?

7. The easiness of our every interaction - the way it all just feels right.

Musings: There are a lot of very "me" things on this list, I've realised. Of course, the reasons I stay with him/think he's worth procreating with in any way possible are less self-centred. I promise. But when I was first attracted to him there was a whole lot of other stuff going on and, well, I guess it was just like that. A bit. At first. I've grown since then. Honest.


Meg said...

Of COURSE..I actually found that very hard too... "first" attracted you to.. rather than now... Don't we get to read the soppy love poems? ;) (Oh no, I have made the wink sign. Bad news. Time for bed)

StellaNova said...

But it IS how they make you feel that is all part of the attraction. If he had all of the fabulous qualities you might want, but made you feel like crap, then you'd never be interested at all. I'm sure his list about you would be equally glowing (and completely filled with how you made him feel just by being with him).


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