First of all, I would like to make an apology to everyone who's been the victim of my irritating assvice lately. Yes, it's a phase. It comes and goes. Soon, it will go again. Promise.

Five Items

Roasted artichoke hearts - two opened jars of.
Left over pregnyl, puregon, progesterone pessaries.
Hot bean paste.
Half a home-grown watermelon.
Tofu sausages.

There are less than five items in my closet at the moment.
This is a Long Story.
In fact, there are only two items: DH's interview suit, and a pair of calf-high lace-up stilettos (not part of the same outfit).
The rest is evenly strewn about the bedroom.

Several wire coathangers.
A dog crate, water bowl, food bowl, and pillow.
Road maps for our city and Australia in general.
Some small change.
A mouth organ.

Handbag (Backpack)
Doggie poo bags.
A large pocket knife.
More wire coathangers.
A receipt for an FET cycle.
Several novelty keyrings, unused.

...I couldn't quite get the energy up for linkistration. Maybe I'll come back and edit in the 2ww.


Meg said...

Well, evidently you don't have important enough work to procrastinate then - ho ho. Home grown watermelons. I want that. (And aren't those damn artichoke hearts hard to use up? Ours inevitably go mouldy.)

Richard said...

I'm more interested in the lace-up calf-high stilettos ;)

Vee said...

No, No I need your assvice.

Well done on the 5 items.
Yes I will have some home grown watermelon too please.

All the best with your FET !

Hopeful Mother said...

I want to hear the story about why all of your closet is strewn about your bedroom...!

MAX said...

2 questions..

1/ Half a home grown watermelon...where was the other half grown ? :P

2/ What's a mouth organ??!! You mean a blues harp or a harmonica ?

Bea said...

DD: Mouth organ, harmonica, blues harp - yeah, you've got it. I can play a whole song, but only slowly.

And you're thinking of a half-home grown watermelon. Or is that a watermelon grown in a half-home?

Hopeful: unfortunately it's also a very tedious and uninteresting story, involving a protracted disagreement about furniture arrangement and the finer points of feng shui. But mostly just the first.


MAX said...

Which song can you play on your blues harp ?

The link below is one of the best sites I've found for beginners.

Bea said...

DD: I can play "Waltzing Matilda". Apparently it sounds "mournful". Apparently that's meant to refer to the slow, gentle pace at which I play it and not... you know... be a direct insult.

Thanks for the link! I'll check it out.


Bea said...

Oh, and btw - how do you know about the link? Do you play?


MAX said...

My other half says I play well, but I wouldn't go that far...

She bought me a blues harp to keep me occupied when I was wheelchair bound after my motorbike accident a few years ago and it stuck with me.

I even went as far as taking some classes for a short but the bottom line is practice makes perfect...

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