I'm still here. I haven't been murdered in my bed, despite leaving the keys in the outside of the front door when I got home last night, and not realising it til I went out again this morning. I have also been feeling fine which, as you can all imagine, is as much of a worry as all the not feeling fine I did last week. However, Dr Google has assured me that feeling fine, or not, is perfectly normal at this stage, so I am trying to distract myself from my worries until Monday's appointment.

For instance, I booked a nice, distracting, leg and bikini wax. Of course, one of the first things they did was get me to fill out a form which asked if I was pregnant and if so, how much? and then when I said about 3.5 months (which took some calculation - I've only just changed my ticker from days to weeks, for heaven's sake) they made me sign a disclaimer because it's still so early and waxing could make something happen to the baby and they usually don't wax unless you're at least four months, and have I asked my OB about this?

At 15.5 weeks, I couldn't for the life of me see how a leg and fairly conservative bikini wax was going to make any difference, so I signed away, had myself waxed, and later googled myself into a post-hoc frenzy which, luckily, reassured me that, in fact, you can carry on waxing as normal throughout your entire pregnancy - brazillians if you like* - with nary a problem. Which is just as well because it was obviously a bit late by then, and also my hormones have made me, in the shocked and giggling words of my waxer, "hairy like a man". Between beauty therapists and lingerie saleswomen, I am beginning to feel like quite the freak show.

After the de-hairing, I gave in to a craving for roast beef with bonus scolding from the chef (who actually troubled himself to come out of the kitchen to me) for ordering it well done, on account of the foetus, when medium would have tasted much better.

All in all, not entirely as distracting as I'd imagined.

Still, I bore up like the true veteran Jenna and Serenity think I am, despite my history of non-heroic blubbering in the face of adversity, for which I make no apologies, it being an entirely rational reaction to the situation. I am, of course, very much honoured to have been thought of in this way, although saddened at having to strike these two wonderful women off my List Of People I Can Meet Up With In Real Life, for fear of disappointing them gravely.

As for other nominations - well, I get stuck with these things. There are so many people to name, and not all of them have blogs. I'd like to give an award to everyone who's emailed me or IM'd me to keep me company and check up on me, or even left a comment. There have been different people at different times - Serenity herself, for example, chatted me through the lonely away-days of FET#5. I can't mention everyone I need to here, although I'd like to second all the nominations so far. To choose a random number, let me add four: Jules, Patience, Vee and Geohde. Cheers, guys. It's not the ultimate prize you're after, but please accept a Blogger Flame of Fortitude.

*Although I don't know any Brazillians at the moment, and I wouldn't recommend they let me wax them, regardless of my current fertility status.


Vee said...

OOh WOW! Thank you for my award, I feel very honoured.

Dr Google has really been getting a good work out.
Soon you wont be able to do anything because you are pregnant...can't eat this, can't drink that, can't wax ?? sheesh. I would have gone ahead with waxing also. Enjoy your smoothness :)

TeamWinks said...

Whoohoo for waxing! I never would have guessed you would need to sign a disclaimer for that. Crazy!

serenity said...

You gave me a really good laugh, thank you. :)

I think if I went for a wax, the person doing it would run sceaming. Hairy doesn't come close to describing me right now. How about "gorilla-esque?"

I do find it interesting that people in Singapore give you their opinion of you as freely as they do. You don't get that here - we have more the veiled "oh, you need another bra? In WHAT size? Oh no, honey, we don't carry those in our stores. You may want to try our online catalogue."


You are most definitely on MY List of People I Can Meet Up With In Real Life, so let's not let a blogging distinction get in the way of such things, shall we?

Samantha said...

Never would have thought of waxing as being dangerous to pregnancy! I guess they have to cover all of their bases!

mary ellen said...

I need a wax so bad right now. So jealous.

GLouise said...

Wow, a disclaimer for waxing? I guess we do live in a very litigious society, huh? ;-)

Jess said...

I've never had a wax, I'd be waaaay too scared. I'm with you, though, can't see the harm to a baby at all.

Glad you got reassurance on that end, though. Heaven knows none of us need another thing to worry about!!

Glad things are going well. When is your next u/s or appt?

Lori said...

I just got myself a Bra.un epilator. I aim to kill all my leg hair follicles over the winter.

Legs I can take. You should get another Fortitude Award for being able to bear the Brazilian.

The Town Criers said...

I'm seconding Lori. I think there should be a fortitude award for going through a waxing. Period.

Geohde said...

I've never had the guts to wax Down There. Doesn't it itch like a motherf*cker when the hair grows back?

And a disclaimer to have your bush trimmed? Honestly! :)

Thank you so much for the flame, although I think I substitute fortitude for belligerence!



Anonymous said...

I am surprised at the waiver. I can't see how waxing is harmful, unless the sheer level of pain could cause problems.

Pamela Jeanne said...

You so have my admiration. Damn. A bikini wax while you're preggers. I do keep trim on my own but I think I'd need to be put under or drunk before I could survive such a treatment. I hope Mr. Bea appreciates the results.

Jules said...

Thanks for the award Bea. I don't know what to say.

As for waxing... That's another reason I love winter. You can hide your hairies. LOL!!

Amelia said...

I have the world's hairiest legs right now! I'm Hungarian! During last months cycle, I was afraid to wax them! I do them myself so there was no disclaimer to sign, but I was convinced that the extra pain would make something go wonky, as though the little egg/sperm combo would feel the pain and think "Hell! I'm not staying here! This woman is a masochist!"

Beagle said...

It's just another CYA policy. No one wants to be blamed for "things that might go wrong" not even beauty therapists. It's crazy. Wax away. . . have a massage too. They also warn you off on that). Good call on avoiding the rare beef though.

Did the Wax girl really call you hairy like a man? I would have withheld her tip. Really.

M said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patience said...

Thanks B!! Very, very much appreciated..... xx

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