I have never been considered busty or voluptuous, so at first I was pleased with my new, fuller figure. However, my initial satisfaction has been marred by the difficulties of trying to find an appropriately-sized bra. Here's a couple of excerpts from the latest installment.

As I walked into one lingerie shop this afternoon, the young sales assistant who had started towards me recoiled in horror. The older sales assistant stepped forward in support, and flattened my shirt against my stomach to assess my shape.

"You drink a lot of milk," she pronounced gravely and then, when I gave no response, she pinned me with an accusing stare and added, "don't you?"

"How much is a lot?" I asked.

"Every day."

"Well, I have milk on my breakfast cereal..."

"Aha!" She threw a triumphant look at the younger assistant, and was in the process of leaning back thoughtfully when a terrible idea seemed to occur to her. "Is the bra you're wearing padded?"


"Wah! You must drink milk for lunch and dinner as well. But! I have one bra that might be ok. Let me bring it to you in the fitting room." It was too small, and I told her so through the curtain. "Can I see?" she asked, and I consented, so she twitched the curtain aside, saying gleefully, "I want to see how big you are! Wah! So much milk!" And then she twitched the curtain closed again.

Later, at a different shop, I went to pay for a five-pack of cotton underwear. "Are you sure that's the right size?" asked the cashier, "because underpants can't be exchanged once the packet is opened due to hygiene. If you're not sure, my colleague can measure."

"Won't hurt to check," I reasoned, so her colleague took a tape and drew it around my hips.

And then she said, "You're actually between sizes, but I think you'd better go for the bigger size because you're expecting."

There was a pause here.

It was quite a long pause.

Eventually the silence grew awkward enough for her to look up and say, "Right?" I kind of forced a couple of jerky nods and a rather muffled, "Yeah..." Admittedly, I'd just eaten and was kind of bloated with food, but it was enough to make me feel so shaky that I decided to call it a day and come home.

I may decide not to leave the house again for another ten weeks. Maybe I can mail-order that bra.


serenity said...

Well. Interesting tidbit - I didn't realize that there was a correlation to your bra size and how much milk you drink.

I hope you can find a bra that fits. There really is nothing worse than wearing one that doesn't fit...

Schatzi said...

Hell, if all I need to do is drink more milk in order to get big boobs... sign me up!:-)

Rachel Inbar said...

OK, now I remember why I stick to bigger stores (less intrusive salespeople...)

I believe the pause you're talking about is a pregnant pause :-)

Sarah said...

i think it might be time for some sort of ticker, so we can properly assess just how far along your boobs are. i assume you're not quite up for some cheeky countdown to baby! type thing, but perhaps just a XX days since not-terribly-low-positive-beta?

Beagle said...

I'm lactose intolerant and rather meager busted, so according to my body, she must be right, it's all that milk you're drinking!

Yikes! I always think it's rude how little attention US store clerks pay to customers, but now I'm rethinking that.

Good luck with the next attempt at the Bra Hunt!

Samantha said...

Never heard the milk thing--I drink a couple of glasses a day, usually, and believe me, I'm pretty small. Maybe it only works in Australia.

Must be kind of exciting and nerve-wracking to be showing!

Jess said...

The hell? Milk? Huh???

Hope you find a bra that works. I hate the bra thing since I've been pregnant. At first none of them fit and now the ones that I finally found all hurt.

Good luck!

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Wow, I never knew that about milk and breast size. I drink A LOT of milk and never got bigger than a B until now.

Geohde said...

What a totally bizzarre bra shopping experience.

DO you know I never remember being blessed with the jumbo rack in early pregnancy. I just got the 'she's getting fat' bloated gut.


travelise said...

I had similar rudeness in Honk Kong and Singapore when shoe shopping. When walking into a store, sales assistants would often look at my feet and burst into laughter! (and, while a little on the large size, they are fairly normal western sized feet). I also remember trying to bra shop in Japan, where every single bra available was padded and nothing in more than a B cup.

I recommend Marks and Spencers. There is a branch in Singapore and they have the bras that I have found most comfy during pg.

Bea said...

Travelise - yes - the padded bra thing! Where are the non-padded bras?

You know, I actually hit M&S (at Dhoby) and they didn't have a single bra in my size in the whole store. I've bought one there previously, so I know it does happen, but when I asked about non-wired or maternity bras I found that M&S don't sell them in my size at all, anywhere. I checked online when I got home, too. I tried the closest size they do have, but it doesn't fit.

That really made me lose hope.


Anonymous said...

Well, if you don't leave the house for the next 10 weeks, a bra might not even be a necessity.

Vee said...

Geez imagine if you DID drink milk for lunch and dinner as well ! Stand aside Dolly Parton ;)

I'm really not looking forward to the bra hunt when the time comes for me, its difficult now as it is.

Good Luck !

Sunny said...

Holy Crap! What a day.

Well I must drink gallons of milk since I am a big bessie.

blondie said...

Bra hunting (besides swimsuit hunting) is the worst kind of shopping ever... I cannot stand the small talk. All I want is a good fitting bra that makes me look like a siren but is so comfortable that it doesn't even feel as if I am wearing one.

Hope you find one that suits without too many retarded sales assistants trying to talk to you. :)

T said...

Well I'm cutting out all dairy, just estrogen has me bursting at the seams.

Good luck - I hate bras that don't fit, yet that salesperson sounds like a rival.

Aurelia said...

Online bravado bras, they will ship pretty fast, and fit just right.

I remember a picture of you on this blog, in a mask? looking rather tall and skinny, and I have a feeling that even at ten weeks, you might have a detectable pregnancy to someone who knows women's bodies, like an underwear saleswoman.

The average person, no, but to them?

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