The Short Version: had 16wk scan appointment, everything more or less ok, my concerns over blood glucose and foetal measurements, pink or blue?

The Long Version: I've decided to take a leaf out of Lut's book and give short update notices for those who want to check in without having to read through a whole pregnancy post (or a whole post, come to that). Today was the sixteen week appointment, and The Foetus is alive and most definitely bigger and more baby-like. I have, however, been left with two niggling concerns. And two other things to think about.

Sugar Mummy
I had a small amount of glucose in my urine. You may recall my blood glucose concerns from such episodes as "That Whole Weekend I Spent With A Splitting Headache and Nausea" and "The Time I Couldn't Stop Feeling Hungry For About Six Weeks Straight". Well it seems my blood glucose is, in the words of the nice nurse, acceptable but not good. I have been trying to eat a low glycaemic diet, but carbs are so easy and readily available and to be honest, I've been a bit patchy about the whole thing. No longer. I am to focus on proteins and fibre, and hope I don't develop gestational diabetes. It will require higher levels of planning and organisation, but I think I can do it.

Little Wonder
Since scan number one, we have been consistently measuring four to five days behind. I'd stopped worrying about this. Today, however, we are measuring eight to nine days behind. SOB felt that the growth was still "consistent enough", but then that's the kind of thing he would say, given there's very little to be done about it. I think the only course of action I can take is to google myself into a frenzy resist the temptation to worry about things I can't change, and wait to see what the next appointment brings. Unless you can tell me right now, for sure, that it's definitely nothing to worry about.

I officially decided to retire the last of my pre-pregnancy clothes over the weekend. I outgrew my tops some weeks ago on account of my new bustline, but I have been wearing the bottoms, despite having to hold them up using rubber bands on an increasingly frequent basis. I don't want to jump any guns, but it may be time to get some maternity wear.

Pink Or Blue?
SOB startled us both this morning by asking if we want to find out. We had each spent about zero seconds thinking this question over, and certainly hadn't brought it up for mutual discussion. I, for one, was still too stuck thinking about the old live/dead mystery to worry about the boy/girl one. After a hurried, ten-second debate, to which Mr Bea's entire contribution was a disorientated shrug, I said yes, sure, tell us. It's not 100% for sure at this point, of course, but it looks like The Foetus is... a boy. On which, more later.

Next appointment: the detailed scan at 20 weeks.


Geohde said...

Sorry that you've been left with lingering concerns, Bea.

Why can't we all just have 'everything relating to matter/foetus X is just perfect' appointments, all the time?

I really do hope all is well with your little boy baby.

I also hope that you can get on top of that BSL thing, god knows I can't. Still got to schedule my OGTT and dragging my heels because I don't like the idea of met...



Mands said...

I am hoping that the measurement is nothing to worry about and that your little boy is "strong like bull".
In the meantime, it sounds as if there is some shopping to be done :-)

Jules said...

What are little boys made of, made of?
What are little boys made of?
Snips and snails, and puppy-dogs’ tails,
That’s what little boys are made of.

Congrats to you & Mr Bea.

Vee said...

Low GI does take a bit of planning but once you get into a routine you wont think twice about it, it will just be the natural thing to do. I do love the carbs though and yes so easy and filling.

I hope the little blue one catches up for the next scan just to put your mind at ease.

Enjoy your shopping!

Meg said...

I think by the second trimester, that measuring behind is not so much of an issue as it is early on.

No expert here, but.

Yay for little boys, Bea! Much nicer and funner than I once thought...

Lut C. said...

I never actually bothered to ask if anyone finds the short/long version useful. A bit a touchy question, I suppose. ;-)

I kept forgetting to take a urine sample first thing in the morning, before breakfast. I just got one right before the appointment. One time, we had just eaten some pancakes with maple syrup (yum!). Of course I tested positive for glucose and had to own up. Bad patient!

Glad to hear the scan went well.
I've always wondered just how accurate those measurements are.
Hopefully the next scan will show all is well without a shadow of a doubt.

Samantha said...

A boy! Congrats!

As for your two worries, I hope that your new diet will help you out with #1, and as for #2, I don't have any good advice. I hope that the 20 week scan will give you reassurance that everything is on track.

If anyone deserves a worry-free pregnancy, it's you.

serenity said...

Ugh - pisses me off that there are still lingering worries when really you MORE than deserve a "all looks fantastic and perfect" scan.


Congratulations on your little boy. May he continue to grow strong and healthy.

TeamWinks said...

I hope all is well with your baby boy. Hopefully a little bit of shopping will take your mind off of things. (Who am I kidding?)

JJ said...

Hoping for nothing but strength in your little fighter=) Continuing to keep you all in my thoughts!

Schatzi said...

A boy.. how fantastic! I am hoping that he catches up by next US so as not to worry his mum anymore. It must be hard to have continuing concerns instead of cut and dried good news.

Wishing you the best!

SarahSews said...

A boy! That is great! Sorry things are still a little less than perfect. Wish I had wisdom to impart.

Thalia said...

I'm sure someone else had a fetus that constantly measured small, and everything was fine. I wish I could remember who.

Hang in there. Things are ok.

Cibele said...

I hate lingering worries ... Hope that next scan can take those away.
Congratualtions on you baby boy, that is so exciting!!!!

Jess said...

I'm sorry you're still getting not-as-reassuring-as-you'd-like results. I think that there's more room for wiggle the farther you get. Really. I hope that things are ok, though, and can understand the worry. Lots of prayers and hugs.

Now get thee to shopping!

megan said...

sorry that your scan didn't leave you worry-free. hopefully your detailed scan will provide more definitive and full-on positive results. sounds like things are going well though across the board, and for this i am very happy.

The Town Criers said...

Yay for boys! On measuring behind, the twins were on target at first and as the pregnancy progressed, measured behind. I have a note that on week 31, they were already 2 weeks behind in size. I don't know if that helps in any way.

Anonymous said...

A boy is such good news!

I hope the rest of your concerns end up being nothing more than concerns.

ms. c said...

Yay for your little boy! (So many boys these days...)
I wish I had some words concerning your measurements... I know at our 20 weeks scan alot of our measurements were behind a week (like femur, etc...) and it was obviously no cause for worry because the Dr didn't tell us about them. I only found out when I landed in the hospital a week later and then perused my file and saw the numbers myself.
I think perfect doctors' appointments are highly overrated. I have yet to step into my OB's office and leave with nary a concern.

mary ellen said...

I hope that all is well with your little boy and that the measurements mean nothing. Thinking of you honey.

Sunny Jenny said...

A BOY! Congratulations!

Beagle said...

Sending happy growing thoughts to your little boy passenger. Good Luck with the diet. It will be hard, but you're conquered hard before, right? Hence the flame of fortitude.


Somewhat Ordinary said...

Yay, another little boy! That is so much to be joyful about and hopefully those other 2 concerns will dissipate!

Aurelia said...

Bea, I'm wondering if you just went to abdominal ultrasound from transvaginal ultrasound? Only because different methods and different machines yield different results.

If the baby was consistently one way and now becomes consistently a different measurement, after switching methods then, maybe you don't need to worry.

Of course, if things change, then maybe you do need to?

Regardless, I have heard of clexane being used to help with placental blood flow to prevent IUGR, and I know you are on it already so, maybe ask your Doc about increasing the dosage if the doppler blood flow to the uterine artery or through the umbilical cord becomes restricted?

Take care, and don't drive yourself too crazy with the Googles, K?

Karaoke Diva said...

Welcome to the Blue Team, Bea.

I hope both of our detailed scans go well and have reassuring results. I have mine at 18 weeks, next Thursday. That's when we will find out which team we're on. ;-)

Mel said...

Wow, a boy. Thats great Bea.
I'm sorry you still have concerns. I wish it was all worry free for you.
take care

Portia P said...

A boy!! That's lovely news!

I wish I could add something about him being small, but I can't. From reading the comments though, it sounds like it might be ok...

Enjoy your shopping and stay off those carbs!!


Jenna said...

I wish I had any idea what all of this meant, but I haven't got a clue. I even tried to google some of it, but I'm at a loss. I am just going to sit back and take it all is and hope that this is just the beginning of this little one being a stubborn little bugger!

Wishing you well sweets and my greatest congrats on seeing the little bits and pieces!

GLouise said...

A baby BOY! wow!!! How exciting to find out.
Thinking of you.

Stephanie said...

A boy! that is great!

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