I'm booked for a lap/hysteroscopy/D&C next Friday.

I ask FS if there's anything else we haven't yet tested for. "I doubt it," he says, raising an eyebrow at me in a meaningful fashion, "but let's go through, shall we?"

He flicks the envelope and allows an impressive wad of papers to flutter onto the desk. "Done that... haven't got that... that's there, and that, and that... Well, technically there's one or two things left, but to be honest I doubt the results would actually mean anything. There's just no compelling evidence to say they're a) significant findings or b) the treatment is worth the fuss. By the way, have you visited the bird park in Singapore? No? It's fantastic - you really should. The bird park and the zoo."

Got it. Lap/hyst/D&C, bird park, zoo. Then, afterwards, back to rolling dice, gambling our embryos til they run out. Then another cycle. Blasts? PGD? Aspirin? Resection of hypothetical endometriosis? Let's argue about that when the time comes. If the time comes. Sure, let's stick to if. Just because you pepped me with your talk.

And don't forget to renew your referral. Your year is up.

Nurse tells me a day or two off is plenty for what I'm having. I asked her if she was taking my low pain threshold into account. She laughed. After an awkward pause, I joined in - oh yes, joking, ha ha - and decided to come and ask you.

At present, I have Friday, Saturday, Sunday off, only four hours in the evening to work on Monday, and Tuesday off. (I actually do still have a job, it's just I've said yes to everyone who wanted to swap shifts with me recently, which I'm paying for at the moment, but getting rewarded for from the end of next week.) It's crazy busy just now. Lots of mental effort, stress, powerwalking around, and some lifting required. Do I need to take Monday off sick, or just leave it? I'm assuming I'll be ok to go back to my more usual hours by the Wednesday... right?


Vee said...

Good news about the lap etc. Hopefully it will give you some answers and the recovery is a quick one so you can get on with it.

Sorry if you have mentioned it before but have you had a Lap before ? Do you have endo or is that what they want to rule out ?

Don't forget the bird park and zoo ;-)

Bea said...

Yes, much slicker than I expected, but then, FS has been on hols for several weeks so I guess he's starting back with a clean slate. Slightly less clean, now I'm spreadeagled across it, but oh well.

Haven't had a lap before. No known endo - that's what he wants to rule out, although he says he wouldn't treat it directly unless it's "severe enough" - I hate these grey areas.

Really, I just don't want to talk any more about whether or not we're going to do invasive test X if this happens, or that happens, or the other. The indecision and uncertaintly has been causing me so much mental anguish that the physical pain now seems a small price to pay. Do it and get it over with. I just hope it all goes smoothly, that's all.

And then I can get on with my break. I'm glad to be getting this out of the way as early as possible so my system has the full benefit of a prolonged recovery time. No point getting it halfway reset and then screwing it all up again.


Bea said...

Oh, I also hope they don't find anything nasty, of course.


Vee said...

From most women that I have known that have had endo, their Drs want to get rid of it once they are in. It was written on my papers when I had my lap if they found any endo it was to be removed there and then to avoid going through all that again.
I don't think these FS realise how much anguish they put us through most of the time..ggrr

Fingerscrossed you are all endo clean or any other nasties and you wont have anything to worry about.

Jules said...

My endo was removed during my lap, along with an ovarian cyst.

Looks like it's one step at a time, but at least you're starting to take steps.

It's about time, these FSs realised that WE are paying their wage. And that whatever we suggest, they should at least give it ago.

Good Luck with your lap next friday. I hope it's a good day for the both of us.c

soralis said...

Good luck with the Lap, wishing you a speedy recovery too!

Lut C. said...

I haven't got a clue.
Good luck with the procedure.

Piccinigirl said...

good luck with everything Bea, it sounds like a plan is in the works and I always LOVE a plan . Just make sure your doc takes good care of you.

bird park and zoo???? I love some people...really.

Carly said...

Well, I had a lap/hyst/dye study done waaaay back in July 04 & at that time I had a rather physical job.
I was back to work about 3 days later I think.
You'll be fine.

It was a bit painful for a few days & I felt very bloated.
but remember - that was before all of the IVF etc so I suppose back then I wasn't yet used to lots of fiddling around down there!!

BTW, I looove zoo's etc!!

Bea said...

Jules - being fair, my guy is really good about humouring me with the tests (which is why I've had every non-invasive test we can think of already). I guess it's a bit different when we're talking about invasive tests - hence the back and forth umming and ahhing. But it's getting done now, anyway. So that's that.

He did say he wouldn't touch any endometriosis if it was only mild - I know opinions vary a lot on this front. I get the feeling he's not expecting to find any.

I'm going to leave the roster as it is, and wing it.


Meri-ann said...

I've had a few d&c's and laps, etc over the years, and usually 1 to 2 days does me. Make sure you are indulged in all your whims and fancies as you recuperate-
good luck x

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