We would like you all to know that we are expecting a child on the X of XX.

I'd also like you to know it's been hard. For a start, we've spent years living in uncertainty, and then there was the IVF and the complications of IVF and the being bedridden in hospital for ten days on morphine unable to even pee for myself, month off work and stop me now before I bore you blah blah blah blah blah.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I've noticed it's customary, when couples announce their pregnancy, for people to say, "Congratulations!" as in "Aren't you lucky!" And we are lucky, truly. There are many infertile couples who are worse off than us, and many things unrelated to our infertility that we have to be thankful for.

But, you see, we're not just lucky. We're People Who Have Lived Through And Worked To Resolve Their Infertility. And frankly, that makes us pretty damned fucking good.

So a mere "congratulations" isn't going to cut it here. I want nothing less than, "Congratulations, you guys are freaking awesome and you rock."

Bea and Mr Bea at some point in the future


Deb said...

Bea, even before your long deserved BFP arrives you need to know you guys ARE freaking awesome! You're surviving the rollercoaster, you definitely rock.

Beagle said...

Just found your blog. I hope you get to send the letter soon.

Luck is a funny thing after all . . . what is lucky?

Anyone surviving infertility with even a shred of their sanity intact ROCKS for sure!

leahbaroque said...

Bea that's fantastic! You certainly do rock. I hope you get to send the letter very soon, and I'm inspired to show the letter to my family when we get a bfp - whenever that may be (also MF). All the best.

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