I'm pregnant.

I mean, not really, but play along.

At first I thought I was just late because of the stim cycle. I'd been expecting that. But then time dragged by and signs developed and... well, I did a pregnancy test and it was positive! Because I was expecting to be late, I was already six weeks before I tested, so I was able to have a six-week scan done straight away. And everything is great. Strong heartbeat, right size and location, etc etc.

I told my mother today. At first she looked confused. "I thought you were having a break until May or something," she said.

"We were," I replied pointedly. There were big grins all round. I'm so relieved I even shed a tear or two, although maybe that's just the hormones talking.

I can't believe we're finally on to the next stage! We are both very excited.

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