All my life I've been free to move through space. Which has been great. But I've been locked in time. I can only go one way, and only so fast. Oh sure, sometimes things seem to move more quickly or slowly, and overall I think I might be speeding up, but it's pretty much a steady march from day to day.

So last night I got to swap. One of my current dimensions for time. I chose width.

I was going to choose height, but when I thought about getting steadily higher and higher or, worse, lower as... height went on, it freaked me out a bit. Width I thought I could handle. I've never been weight-conscious anyway.

Of course, the first thing I did was go to ET. It was a longer walk than I'd originally planned, but at least I could get there and back. And I can't tell you how great it was to finally get there. The only problem was this: my body couldn't go with me. Durrned thing is designed all wrong. Bit useless, then, really.

So in the end I swapped back. It turns out it's better to stick with the way things are, tedious as that might seem.

I'm older than I've ever been and now I'm even older...


Vee said...

Hi Bea
I have only recently discovered your blog, via EB forums. I have noticed that you have already discovered mine. I am honoured that you think it is "cool" :-) I will link yours to mine also.
I am actually still doing IUI, well depending on what they find during my lap , I am anxiously waiting for. One more IUI then moving onto IVF.
My DH has azoospermia therefore we are using donor sperm.

I enjoy reading you blog, you write very well.

All the best on your journey and I will keep tuning in.


Bea said...

Hey, Vee. I can't remember how I got to your blog - I think I followed a link from someone else's blog.

Sorry about getting the IUI/IVF thing wrong - I was going to get around to investigating, but you've beaten me to it by giving me the answer.

Loving the time series - seriously. I'm not connected to the art world but I think it makes a very meaningful photo exhibition and I'd love to see them all together in the one place.


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