Summary: I ask for help with my newborn shopping list.

So I did it. I unpacked the house again, and it is so much better because it is now devoid of a number of pieces of clutter that would have just made my life harder if they'd still been around.

So now I am starting to set things up for this baby we're probably bringing home (it feels good to say that, even with the precautionary "probably") in a couple of weeks' time or whenever (!). The fact is, I got rid of most of our baby stuff when we moved from Singapore. I couldn't bear to ship and store something I might never use again, and I stand by that decision - some of it would have broken or spoiled, and all of it would have detracted from my mental health. Not only that, but now I've unpacked what's left, I can't for the life of me think what the rest of it actually was.

I mean, I have hardly any baby stuff here, yet I really don't know what else I could possibly need. Am I missing something? What have I forgotten? At this stage, I really only want the bare essentials to get us through the first couple of months, because (after all) we are moving again come April. (Did I update you on when that was happening? It's going to be April. Actually, the house should be packed up in late March, Mr Bea will go to Singapore to set things up and we will go to my parents' house for a month, and then go to Singapore in late April or possibly early May. By the end of May I should be very, very good at moving. And quite, quite disinclined to accumulate unnecessary stuff.)

So for those who've done it before and can remember better than me: what's on your "essentials" list? I'm a bit worried I've missed something vital and I'd rather sort it out before the birth.


Rachel said...

Definitely wondering the same thing as we unpacked one small shelf of baby stuff and called it a day last weekend. I did add to my list finding a working thermometer and diaper rash cream, but not much more.

serenity said...

I haven't done the newborn thing in a while, but if you've got nappies, a place for the new babe to sleep, clothing, carseat (apparently in the US you have to show them the carseat, even if you're in walking distance from your hospital) and your ergo, I'd call it fine. Assuming you'll nurse, maybe a pump and a couple of bottles in case you want Mr. Bea to do a feeing or two. But that's optional.

Especially since you're moving soon. Doesn't make much sense to accumulate much else!

Jess said...

Place to sleep, diapers of some sort and ointment....gowns for bed and clothes for day. Rags for cleaning messes/spit up/etc....carseat.

On "nice to have" I'd add baby wash/shampoo, a baby tub of sorts, qtips....and an extra place to put baby away from Bigger Baby...a swing, or a seat that reclines, or a gate or something to stick baby behind.

Good luck preparing!

BigP's Heather said...

What has been said plus I would also add things like diaper rash cream, mylicon or other gas drops, and even though I planned on breastfeeding I made sure to call and get a formula sample sent to me in case of emergencies, and in our household pacifiers.

Betty M said...

Our Prime Minister's latest child arrived early whilst they were on holiday - the papers reported that she slept in a cardboard box for the first few weeks. I figure you have a lot of these around! Otherwise a few babygros, nappies, cotton wool, a sling or pram, a swaddle and that's it for the first month or so. I still had loads of stuff from the older ones but really I didn't use much outside my list to begin with or improvised with whatever I had. The only thing I had given away I felt compelled to replace was a rocking chair. He doesn't use it any more - pity you are so far away.

Thalia said...

i think you and i are probably on the opposite end of the spectrum on 'stuff'. You already have the essentials i'm sure. Stuff that wasn't essential but which I enjoyed having:

- bouncy chair (but you carry your babies more than I do)
- playmat with things for them to look at
- moses basket which went from room to room with me
- swaddling blankets with velcro so they stay swaddled!
- lots of babygros and vests and muslins


megan said...

The one item I nearly certain I could not live without this time around is my stretchy wrap carrier. I didn't have this style with #1 as I was convinced they were too complicated. It has been a godsend as it carries her so close I can chase the toddler and as a bonus it solidly puts her to sleep. email me if you want specifics on the kind I have.
Blankets for swaddling will also be handy.
Are you getting excited?

Vee said...

I think you are amazing doing what you have! Just the thought of all that packing and moving makes me feel tired.

I think everyone else has it covered.
Perhaps a dummy for emergency? Singlets?

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