I had a brain wave earlier today, just after my last post. I remembered that my cousin, in addition to being an all-round top gal, is an experienced midwife/lactation consultant who currently practices (part time) in my very own home town.

Unfortunately she can't get me scanned any quicker.

But! she was able to talk reassuringly about my options for care, and I think I understand the system a bit better now. She was also able to give me an OB recommendation, and will do some delving for a few more names, based on the "profile" I gave her in conversation. At any rate, she managed to do the sort of professional hand-holding I missed out on due to my FS and my usual GP and my backup GP all being away on holidays, all at once, just when I wanted them.


Something has been playing on my mind. When I fronted up at the fertility clinic yesterday morning, I hadn't quite worked out how I was going to explain myself. Then I realised I still had the pregnancy test in my purse, where I'd put it the previous day on account of the fact that I was on my way home from dropping my sister at the airport when I used it. I mean, I didn't use it on the actual way home, obviously. I can't recall ever peeing in a car, even when really desperate, especially not a moving one containing other people and whilst driving? impossible, not even counting the part where you have to fiddle around with the stick - and the scenarios only get weirder when you consider our other transport options. No - I used it in a toilet at the airport before getting in the car. It would be more accurate to say I used it just before I started out on my way home.

The point is, I had it with me, so after opening and shutting my mouth a couple of times at the reception desk, I just pulled it out of my purse and sort of held it up, and the receptionist squinted at the two little lines and said, "I've never seen one of those before... are you telling me you've got a positive pregnancy test?"

And at the time I just nodded, still not quite able to speak, but afterwards I thought, hang on a moment - you've never seen one? I mean, I get that you prefer to go by blood tests, but in all your years as a fertility clinic receptionist (at the place with the best stats in the state, I might add), not one, single patient has ever thrust something under your nose after first soaking it with her own urine?

Do other people consider this... unseemly? I've never been at the forefront of social graces.


Heather said...

I'm definitely not the person to ask about social grace...no idea here.

Glad she was able to give you information and hand-holding.

serenity said...

I'm just catching up - somehow missed that you were blogging here again.

First off. Holy crap. How awesome would this be? I'm not going to say more because I'm of the superstitious type. However. My fingers are crossed TIGHTLY.

And personally, I'm not sure how I would have approached it either - so I don't find your method unseemly.


Lut C. said...

Haha, I see the thought of MacGyver has caught hold, or the female equivalent. :-) Peeing on a stick on land, by sea and in the air!

About the receptionist, I suppose they do prefer blood tests at the clinic. Besides, it is her job to communicate test results to patients (calmly waiting by the phone) not the other way around. Especially not using a urine-drenched stick to convey the message.
Very effective though, I'm impressed.

Once the shock wears of, she'll be pleased to have another great anecdote to tell over some festive dinner.

Vee said...

I love that you tested at the airport.

And yay to your cousin for the hand holding.

I do think it's strange she has never seen a positive pee stick before, but I think I would have approached it in a similar way.

Portia P said...



I haven't been following this blog so have only just read your news.


I'm so pleased for you!! Obviously it's early days so I won't go too OTT but everything's firmly crossed for you.

I'll have to keep checking on here now too!

Big hug xx

Beth Kyle said...

Just back after a long weekend...Congratulations Bea!You sound a like me last fall, confused and surprised and scared and overjoyed and exhausted all at once!

megan said...

glad you were able to get some reassurance.
who cares about social grace when you're an urban legend! ;)

Hopeful Mother said...

I'm just catching up with your news too! Oh. My. Goodness.

I think I would have been so shocked like you to take a pee-stick to the office. It's just unbelievable! I don't think it's unseemly, maybe a bit unorthodox, but hey, it's a fertility office, right?

Here's hoping all continues to go well and you are able to get an appt. soon and start feeling more "normal" about this.

Anonymous said...

Well, I had a co-worker pull a peestick out of her purse and try to hand it to me.

I think the odd part here is the receptionist never having seen a positive test - in a fertility clinic.

Ms. C said...

I've never presented someone with a pee stick, but then again I've never carried it around in my purse to be able to do so. I think you should be able to get away with anything at a fertility clinic, so you're in the clear.
Happy to hear that you have some reassurance.

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