Just a note to say, in case you hadn't heard, that Mary-Ellen and Steve could use some thoughts just now.

(As an aside, if I haven't commented on your blog, this is partly from business but also because a) bloglines hasn't been updating properly and b) my comments have been getting eaten, especially but not exclusively by wordpress. I've been trying to read as much as ever.)


Blondie said...

I have just spent a little while catching up on your blog-ventures. Its had been a while since my lsat visit. So, in light of all the assvice that seems to be thrown at you lately - I have none.

Just hugs.

:) Blondie

Blondie said...


Shit. I am supposed to be an English teacher and I can't even edit a simple sentence. ;)

Mel said...

Glad your still reading. Sometimes I have trouble commenting too. My comments just disappear.
take care

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