"I'm sorry to dump all this on you," said Maternal Bea, looking weary and overwrought. But Inner Therapist Bea gave a dismissive wave of her hand as she plonked the teacup on the table in front of her.

"Maternal, I've seen just about every one of this lot," she replied. "I'm amazed you're not round here more often. Now tell."

"It's those two again," Maternal said. "Willing Bea, and Able Bea. They've been at each other's throats, and you know what that does."

"There's no happiness for anyone unless both of them agree," Inner Therapist replied knowlingly. "And they used to, mostly. But Able hasn't come on board with this whole having a baby business, and there's been no peace ever since."

"Exactly. We got a short reprieve after the last cycle, when Willing was all for a break. Able leapt on the opportunity to shine, and it was really nice for a couple of months there."

"Let me guess - Willing to get on with FET#5 now, are we?"

"But not Able. FS holidays. Dates all wrong. And every day - every day - Willing comes to me in tears, saying, 'Able won't help me,' and 'Able kicked me,' and, 'Able sprung a lethal trap for me involving pits and knives and heavy, falling rocks, and if Anxious Bea hadn't made me carry equipment for my own protection I would have died!' I mean, it just doesn't end.

"Of course, I take Willing aside and I point out there's plenty of things we'd be Able to do, if only we were Willing, and perhaps it's not all one way. It doesn't help."

"Will can be strong," Inner Therapist agreed.

"And I don't mind her being strong. Sometimes I look at her and think she's not strong enough. I just wish she'd stop throwing these useless tantrums, they give me a headache. What do I do?"

They paused. Maternal rested her elbows on the table and rubbed her fingers over her temples, and Inner Therapist gave a long, thoughtful sip on her tea.

"I know this will go against your nuturing instinct," said Inner Therapist, eventually, "but sometimes when you're not getting anywhere it's ok to just make the problem go away temporarily - for the sake of your sanity, and that of the others around you."

"What are you suggesting?" Maternal enquired.

"Give them lollies. At least it will make them shut up for a while."

"Lollies" ended up being a book-buying spree. Nothing fertility-related, I'm afraid. This part of the cycle - the part where I could be ovulating any day now drags almost as much as a 2ww, and sometimes it goes on for as long. Sigh.


Baby Blues said...

Hoping that Willing and Able both agree soon! And for Maternal to be patient with their quirks. Enjoy the lollies!

ellie said...

All the waiting sucks. No other way to express it- but i hope that it passes soon and you hop back on the bus and achieve your goal.

Thalia said...

Glad the lollies helped. So what did you buy?

Carol said...

beautiful job at putting the internal debate into words.

Hope they all cooperate soon!

I love a good book buying spree!

Kris said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one who has conversations like this! Hope you enjoyed your books and they did their job of sidetracking Will and Abe.

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