Mr Bea: Whatcha doing?

Me: Navel gazing. Literally. I'm marvelling at the invisibility of my laparoscopy scar.

Mr Bea: Invisibility? No, there it is there. (Laying head on my chest.) Although you're right, it is difficult to see from your angle. I could get you my shaving mirror?

Me: Er... that's ok. Thanks anyway. Still, it's amazing how well the body can heal sometimes. I can't find my paracentesis scar at all.

Mr Bea: Really? I always thought it was this one here.

Me: Uh, yeah, you're probably right. Look, I realise you're trying to be helpful, but I was kind of enjoying the sensation of being unmarked by these events, at least in the physical sense.

Mr Bea: Oh. Well, I mean, I could be wrong. After all, there's a similar-looking scar up here, and I know you didn't have two paracentesis tubes!

Me: Where?

Mr Bea: There.

Me: Oh, look at that, there is a scar there. Um. Yes. Yes. You know though, there are times I want you to provide analysis, but at other times I'd prefer emotional support and verbal validation.

Mr Bea: Is this one of those other times?

Me: This is one of those other times.

Mr Bea: That's cool. I can do validation.

Me: This is my other laparoscopy scar.

Mr Bea (sharp intake of breath between the teeth): Ooh, ouch. That looks horrible.

Me: Second thoughts, it's probably best if you stick with analysis.

I guess it's good he pays such close attention?

In other news, I've discovered the secret of a really good blog roll - maintenance. I'm up to "J". Dear lord, why haven't I maintained it better? Anyway, mistakes, requests for changes, etc, let me know.


serenity said...

Funny. I was marvelling at the invisibility of my bellybutton laparscopy scar. I can't see it, but I sure can *FEEL* it.

It's probably horrible of me to say, but I'm hiding a grin at Mr. Bea. He sounds so... well... pragmatic. :)

Baby Blues said...

I think it's kinda sweet of him to pay close attention and know your scars. :)

TeamWinks said...

He sounds like a sweet husband!

The Town Criers said...

I thought this was such a sweet moment. A hit-him-over-the-head-with-a-pillow moment, but a sweet moment :-)

My Reality said...

My gut looks like a road map from all of my surgeries. I just wish the map was leading somewhere.

Adrienne said...

Oh for the love of!...couldn't he PRETEND not to see that last scar in all it's glory? But of course he couldn't, and that's why you keep him, right? ;-)

Piccinigirl said...

what a great guy...especially when you ask him for something and lo and behold he offers it. Even when it's not exactly what you meant.
Husbands..the final frontier. :)


Stephanie said...

your man seen like a keeper! Such a neat close moment for you guys to have. Not sure if my hubby could tell me where my scars are. Hmm...maybe I should ask him.

Watson said...

He sounds adorable and very willing to take direction, which is always a desirable quality in a husband


Mel said...

There are some, like my 3 lap scars from Nov 05 that have faded and I really have to look for. But then theres the one dow my stomahc which has been there for about 14 years thats still as plain as day. DH refers to my stomach as a road map.I think DH's are there to state the obvious, god love em!

Beagle said...

I'm quite sure my guy doesn't know my marks that well, so I guess there is an up side to him noticing. ??

I can see it's not what you were looking for though.

The scar that bothers me most lately is my blood draw scar on the inside of my arm. They go through the exact same spot every time and it's an actual red mark after three years of puncture. Kind of like a phlebotomist's bullseye!

You Mr. Bea sounds like a keeper.

noelia ~ said...

i'm gonna have one of those scars soon.. scars suck but, then again, they tell a story/an experience

Bea said...

Noelia - I swear nobody but him would notice. But you're right - should you choose to point it out to anyone, at least it's a story. Good luck with your procedure.


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