I don't know how many of you are following Infertile Myrtle's Precarious Peregrination Through the Land of IVF, but this week she peregrinated past a onsie reading "Worth The Wait". Which I thought was lovely and subtle, even though it would no doubt still lead to nosey and impertinent questions from complete strangers. But hey, at least it'd be a different brand of impertinence.

On the Johnny Depp front, I'm going to declare the argument closed, for now at least. An overwhelming majority of those surveyed on two blogs voted for Johnny Depp. Those who thought it wasn't Johnny Depp were heavily divided in their opinion and many of their suggestions didn't fit with the profile of being an A-list contemporary of Charlize Theron, perhaps someone known to have modelled watches for the same company. I think, for example, we can agree it's highly unlikely to have been a young Freddy Mercury (on Mr Bea's blog). Moreover, Mr Bea appears to be the only one on the planet who thinks it's Jason Lee. But, you see, I haven't definitively proven it's Johnny Depp, and apparently there's no such thing as "more right" - you're either conclusively right or conclusively wrong. And since neither of us is conclusively right, no-one wins.

I guess we can agree on that, at least.

But I think we ARTers have learnt enough sound lessons in "more right" and "less right" to know such a concept exists. I'll therefore leave it to those whose world-view allows it to decide who's more right in this case. (Hint - it was me.)

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