"Congratulations! You're pregnant!" I exhale slowly, tilting my head back and closing my eyes against welling tears of joy.

"You're pregnant!" I laugh. It explodes from my lungs and richochets around the room.

"Congratulations!" I am seized with anxiety. This is only the beginning... the full weight of all that could still go wrong descends upon me.

"You're pregnant - how exciting!" I agree, then return to my work, unmoved by the revelation.

"Good news! It worked!" I feel like a traitor to all those who wished me luck on my journey, and got left behind in the world of AC.

"It's positive, but only just..." I feel a sense of desperate fear well up inside me.

"You're probably pregnant...." I feel confused, upset.

"It's negative. I'm so sorry." I nod complacently. It's not really news to me.

"Oh honey - you're not pregnant." The disappointment envelops me, cutting off my air.

"I'm afraid you'll be trying again next month." I can smile again. The uncertainty is over.

"Hello Bea? Yes, let me find your results...."

Two days to go.


Vee said...

Dam it ! You got me excited there for a minute...then I was really confused What are you doing to me ? LOL

Almost there, I hope the first scenario is the way it ends.

Good Luck Bea !

StellaNova said...

You've done the hard yards. You will never be traitor. The uncertainty is a killer. But the day is almost here.

Good luck.

Meg said...

...Good to be prepared for all the eventualities... Thinking of you.

UtRus said...

OMG that was probably the most stressful post i have ever read! and so so so true. thanks for putting it in writing!

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