I guess some things can be seen best through close inspection, whereas other things are more aptly held in the corner of your eye.

The things happening lately are part of that latter category. I started a new blog which isn't, and yet really is, all about it. (You can email me if you want to know where it is. You may even see a reflection of this old place in the title.)

It helps to write, sometimes anonymously, sometimes indirectly. So I am writing again. But not here.


Geohde said...

May I?


MrsSpock said...

I would like to follow. mrsspock9@gmail.com

Ellen K. said...

I would like to follow, too.
e k u n k e l m a n n @yahoo.com (remove spaces).

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Will send you an email too, but I would like to read if you want me to.

m said...

Me!! I don't use this email addy any more though - you have my other one?

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