But I just created a website for the film festival. It's here. I thought it might be more practical that way.

I've adjusted the cut-and-paste html so it links back to the "official" site, but for all the (wonderful!) people who've already put their poster up, don't stress - the FAQ I posted yesterday is staying where it is, and will contain a link to the site anyway, so no biggie.

For everyone else, check the FAQ for instructions on how to spread the word, and make sure to subscribe to the festival news!


Vee said...

Good idea !

DI_Dad said...

My turn to hijack a comment entry.

I was googling infertility and film and came up with a link from bloggingbaby to a planned parenthood video on how folks get pregnant. Not so much a submission to the IIFF (as it descreibed a normal process of becoming pregnant) but very very amusing to see conception described by talking genitalia.


Bea said...

My only question is who are these people who fall pregnant from getting pre-ejaculate on the outsides of their vaginas? Oh wait, I think I know a few...

Quite amusing, none-the-less. I wonder who would tell the story of IVF conception? My guess is not an excited penis.


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