This is going to be a downer post, considering the time of year. But heck, you hang out in the infertility blogosphere, one more won't hurt your Christmas spirit.

It's about this. Libya and the sentence it passed down this week on those health workers from Bulgaria. Now, I'm no expert or analyst, just someone who reads the popular press from time to time, but it reeks. Did someone say confessions extracted under torture? Are we sure this is a fair trial? And they're giving a which penalty?

You can insert a whole lot of back-porch, coffee-wine-and-cigarettes style political discussion here, because I'm just going to say this: yesterday, after a long lapse, I rejoined Amnesty International.

Human rights are important. If they were protected more often, we wouldn't need so many good deeds.

This kind of fits under good deeds. I'm sure you've all heard by now about Meri-Ann, Thalia, and The Smarshys, and have probably even been around to offer your condolences. But Manuela wants to know who gives those messages of support to non-bloggers in times of similar trial? Too often, it's not real-life friends and family, which leaves... no-one very much. So Manuela's asked for a few words of solace that she can pass on to a real-life friend. If you're minded to, head around there. If you want.


lola said...

Hi Bea,
I hope your well, just checking in to say hello and to wish you happy holidays!

Lots to think about from your post today...

Manuela said...

Why thank you so much! The comments on my blog are incredibly helpful to her.

Bea said...

Unfortunately I've got my "can't comment on typepad" problem back as of yesterday. But you can pass on my thoughts nonetheless?


Josie said...

Good move on rejoining Amnesty International - I have been thinking about doing the same. I worked with a women the other day who was a victm of human trafficing and that was enough to make me go home an cry for days.

Bea said...

See - it's just hard to believe sometimes these things can happen to actual people. Your story really brings that home.


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