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Short Version: I admit to the wisdom of my readers, and start nesting a little. Oh, by the way, I had another appointment and everything is normal. Weekly appointments from now on.

You were all right. Those of you who said it was no big deal and that it would work out either way - you were right. However, those of you who encouraged me to try and smooth the road by being prepared - you were also right. And those of you who pointed out that a bag packed by Mr Bea is a dubious proposition... well, let me take you back to our honeymoon, and a lesson I should have already learned.

In the hurly-burly of our wedding preparations nearly, gosh, nine years ago now, Mr Bea was assigned the task of packing a honeymoon bag. Long story short, he did quite well except for the underwear. Now, whilst I'm sure we can all find amusement in the fact that my groom forgot to pack any underwear at all for his bride to take on our honeymoon, I'm not so sure I'd be laughing about it in the maternity ward.

So I have packed. More accurately, I have thrown what I would like to pack into a plastic bag and dumped it into the bassinet, which is now out of its box and set up. I have also managed to drag Mr Bea to Ikea to buy dinky little storage solutions, and I have sat down and, well, I guess organised is the only word for it, the baby stuff.

"So that whole pregnant/nesting thing - not a myth?" Mr Bea said, poking his head into the nursery last night.

"Apparently not, from what I've read, although I do wish my instinct would kick in," I replied, stuffing a onsie into a drawer along with other onsies of arguably similar size*.

"Right..." he said, looking pointedly around the room.

"All these other people are way organised. You should see the Spock's nursery, with its ocean theme, and its boat-shaped bookshelf, and its drawers upon drawers of thrice-washed cloth nappies and infant clothing."

"How many pre-washes are you up to?"

"So far? Zero. Although, in my defence, most of our nappies haven't arrived yet."

"Yes... I do think you made a good choice when you decided against a legal career."

"Are you going to poke fun, or are you going to come and learn about the organisational intricacies of my changing system?"

"Will you hit me if I answer honestly?"

Anyway. I haven't got anything photographable yet, but at least I can see what we've got and where it is. And I'm in with a decent shot of being hygienically-clothed in the hospital. For now, I think we're good.

*"0-3 months" really does cover quite an eye-opening range of sizes, doesn't it?


Jess said...

Yes. Baby sizes are bull.

Ava has a onesie that she still wears that is 0-3. Let me tell you that that girl is a LARGE child and is otherwise wearing 12-18 months. Uhm. 0-3? Yeah.

But anyhow, I'm glad you got your bag packed, at least, and a few things orgnaized.

My nesting intinct never came. We were in the hosp for a nonstress the day before I went into labor and I was told BY A NURSE "have you gotten your nesting instinct yet?" I said no and she said, "Oh, you will. You'll get it right beofre."

Yep. Notsomuch. I was ready, because I knew I NEEDED to be, but I never felt "nesty."

Jackie said...

I'm not sure if they do this where you live, but here in the states the some L&D units will give out disposable mesh underwear--so that one can wear a pad and keep it in place but doesn't have to bloody up their own garments. Check it out.

I can not understand baby clothes sizing. I have found the gerber onesies to be the tiniest in each alleged age grouping. I grouped all the clothes by the age listed on the tag and figure I can reorganize everything later. One friend of mine took all her onesies and sort of measured them out from neck to crotch instead of going by the numbers on the tags. This seems like a good idea, but we have received so many clothes as gifts and I was already so overwhelmed just sorting them by given will all get figured out.

I am waiting for signs of nesting. My boss keeps telling me about his wife who chronologically organized their magazine collections the day before she went into labor. I have heard similar stories, of something that doesn't necessarily have to be done, but a compulsion to organize or clean nonetheless. I only ever clean rarely such that by the time I do it feels compulsive, but if I did it all the time, then how would I tell if it were nesting?

Speaking of getting things done, people were asking us about names this weekend and whether I'd packed my/our hospital bag. Still not really and no. I still feel it will get done in plenty of time. Or it won't.

My Reality said...

I bet your honeymoon was lots of fun! Did you just go everywhere without underwear?

I am glad you are getting somewhat ready.

Piccinigirl said...

well at least this time you'll have underwear. HA :)

the baby sizes are very confusing, I mean I know my kiddos are a little smaller than most, but holy cow, not that small. :)

good luck with the rest of the organizing, I can't believe it's almost time for your little one to arrive. SO Exciting.

Bea said...

MR - I got more wear out of my bridal corsetry than most people, put it that way. We did actually manage to swing by and pick up some undies from the in-laws (which is where all my clothes were being stored at that stage - quaintly, we didn't move in together until after the wedding, and our rented unit wasn't even available for moving into until after the honeymoon, hence the packing arrangements).


Bea said...

(The swinging by happened later. It was a two-part honeymoon. Hence the bridal corsetry.)


Caro said...

LOL about the non-nesting nesting, Mrs Spock is soo organised and has a lot of nappies. I opened a suitcase and put about two things in it today so I've started at least.

Nearlydawn said...

Yeah, I think baby sizes are completely a suggestion, much like adult sizes. :)

I have 6 mo onsies my son can barely wear, and 3 mo clothes that he is swimming in. Go figure.

One major hint - ASK PEOPLE FOR GIFT RECEIPTS. Otherwise you will end up with lots of clothes your child cannot wear.

Target is the biggest pain-in-the-ass on this issues - without the receipt you cannot switch for different items, larger sizes, return the garment for credit. Trust me, I've had LOTS of Target issues.

I feel a Target soapbox coming on... So, I'll stop now.

MrsSpock said...

Geez, I would never have pegged myself for organized. I wouldn't so much call my stocked nursery due to a "nesting instinct". More like an "Ebay and cute cloth diaper addiction." I could probably fold and refold my diapers and baby clothes all day- does that count as nesting?

Mel said...

Why do men always forget underwear?
Baby sizes are all over the place, just like adult clothes I supose.

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