Apparatus: Untitled Accoustic Country Blues Song

Is this working for you? Because it wasn't, then it was, now it isn't. And I haven't changed anything. And now it is again. Maybe I should stop checking to see if it works and just walk slowly away...

Discussion: I've published this here because you humour me by reading my blog, so I thought you might humour me by listening to my dicking around with that thing I posted a couple of posts back. And not, you understand, because I'm good at music or singing. So... fair warning.

Conclusion: Well?


Carly said...

I love it Bea.
Damn, you are just so talented!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely, Bea. You have a great voice for country. Thanks for sharing that with us. x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Bea !

You are talented.

If only I could teach myself to play the guitar I would play for you.

Jules said...

Bea...that was amazing.

You are so talented.

A wonderfully written song, sang by an angel.

Thankyou for sharing

soralis said...

My speakers aren't working! But from the other posts it sounds like you are very talented!

Take care

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