It was the dog that did it. She welcomed me back from the airport with enthusiasm, then looked around for the other person. Even checked the car. But no-one else was there, of course.

I should update it here, in case you miss it in the comments. He arrived safely. I am relieved.


Carly said...

Oh Bea.
That is just too sad.
Thinking of you.
I hope you're saving for the phone bills!!

Jules said...


Right now, when you need him the most, he's gone.

I hope you have a good network of family & friends around you.

And I agree with Carly. Those phone bills will be murder.

Thinking of you.

ms. c said...

Thinking of you...

Bea said...

Arrived safely.

Thanks for the hugs.


soralis said...

I am so sorry that you are without him...

Take care

lola said...

Oh Bea, I can feel your sadness in that post. :(

I'm glad that he arrived safely. I hope that you have some good friends that you can lean on right now who will take you out and help distract you a bit.

I'll be thinking of you and sending long-distance hugs!!


Serenity said...

Oh Bea...

I am glad that Mr. Bea had safe travels.

But I am sorry that you are without him.

You are one strong lady.

Hugs and love to you.

snowhite said...

Hi Bea,

This makes it so much harder - sometimes just being able to touch the other person makes you feel a little better.

As for the phone calls - when DH is away we Skype ( each other every day. The quality of sound is just as good as over the phone and it is free (well, all you need is a computer, Mac or a PC will do, and a net connection).

Take care.

Meg said...

Oh Bea. Hope you're feeling ok. Not easy, this.

Bea said...

Thanks, Snow.

Skype is great - we've used it before. Just have to get DH set up with a computer first, though. Til then, he has a phone card. And a mobile (to text - we're not made of money!). And a local internet cafe. I love living in the communication age sometimes. Wait, let me make that the 21st century. Phones, internet, ICSI...


Mel said...

I'm glad he arrived safely. Will be thinking of you. Take care

Anonymous said...


I would be so frightened being in your position, you are strong.

Thank goodness for a great communication network hey.

Fingerscrossed it wont be too long before you see him and you will have some wonderful news to take with you.

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