So I dropped The Prata Boy at kindy today, and on the way home I felt I needed a boost, so I swung through the servo near his school and decided, after not much deliberation, on an iced coffee. Caffeine. Sugar. The sort of formula that gets you through the day.

But whilst I was standing at the register waiting to pay, the magazine rack caught my eyes and I thought, "Ooh, maybe that's what I want." Little brightly-coloured mind-candy, you know. Something to stimulate the imagination and excite the appetite of the soul. So I looked through the options to see what I should buy.

The teen genre was an easy pass. Awkward questions about boys and periods are *cough* half a lifetime behind me now. And I've been married thirteen years this week, so the bridal magazines weren't exactly topical to me. The conception and pregnancy stuff has lost its relevance, and the parenting ones seemed to be aimed at rank beginners, so I left them on the shelf, too. We've completed our home renovation as of a couple of weeks ago, and I've already thrown my small library of research into the bin with a sigh of triumph and relief, so I moved past those offerings quickly. The homemaker magazines made me pause, as did the one on personal finance, but a closer inspection revealed no promise of anything that might interest me except what I'd already been over many times before. I stared, without compulsion, at the travel section, happy with my holiday plans for the next twelve months and not really wanting to glimpse any further.

And I thought, this is where I'm at, then. I'm at the place where I don't know which lifestyle magazine I should buy.

Then the woman behind the counter said, "Hello, Ma'am, just the iced coffee, is it?"

And I said, "Yes."


Ellen K. said...

Great post about a small but meaningful moment. I think I'm in a similar place. It's pleasant after years of planning for this and that. Just sort of coasting; if the drive isn't always scenic, at least it's my own experience.

Happy anniversary to you and Mr. Bea!

Gil said...

Still here, still reading. I would think it's a commentary on your life. Not that you don't know which bit of fluff would interest you, but moreso, that you are happy with things as they are right now. As the adage goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." I would have succumbed to three or four of those magazines! But I envy you that you are in a place that is comfortable for you... and you don't need them! Lucky lady!

HereWeGoAJen said...

I have to order all the magazines I like. None of the ones off the rack are any good anymore. I do remember reading those teen magazines like they were gospel though.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Ha -- this is such a great post. It made me think about how few magazines I've purchased in the last few months because I am between so many things. I still get Wired from time to time, Mental Floss, and Discover -- all science-y, logic, computer-y magazines. I used to be a fan of cooking ones, but haven't picked up one of those in a long time. Oh -- and I still read People magazine like a fiend because it's the only way I feel connected to pop culture.

Happy anniversary!

Vee said...

I recall doing something similar not long ago. I resort to photography magazines but I rarely get a chance to flick through them.

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